NBA West Scores And Standings

You can view the Western Conference’s team standings below and look at the other conference as well. Other than win-loss records, points (+) and points against (-) are listed.


Bet On NBA Western Conference Games

You can bet on Western Conference games in many ways but you will have to get used to the money line. This is the place where you bet for a team to win straight up. You will notice two types of numbers listed: a minus number and plus number. The former indicates the favorite while the latter indicates an underdog. Favorites are expected to win so the return is smaller while underdogs are expected to lose so the profit is larger. For example, -150 means a $150 bet will return $100 while +150 means $150 is returned on a $100 bet.

A new type of western: it used to be conventional wisdom that the Western Conference was a superior conference to the East. It wasn’t uncommon for winning teams to miss the playoffs and during two seasons, all eight playoff teams finished with at least 50 wins. But 2016 saw the paradigm shift when over half the playoff teams had fewer than 45 wins mostly due to the historic seasons the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs had. This could be a one-season thing or it could represent a new trend.

West not always best: NBA teams play at least 30 games against the other conference, accounting for just over a third of their total games. Before assuming the Western Conference is stronger than the East or vice versa, it’s best to look up how well the teams do facing the other conference. A lot of things factor in here outside home and road records like the travel and the fatigue (some intra-conference games involve long road trips with little rest).

Picking the odd teams out: for the most part, the playoff picture remains almost unchanged from one season to the next but at least one or two teams fall in or out. Playing a prop bet on an outlier making it into the playoffs or a playoff staple falling out can be a lucrative exercise especially if you’ve done the homework with how offseason changes can affect teams in the long-term.