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There was a time when North American “Big Four” sports had defined seasons. The NFL ended on Super Bowl Sunday in February, NBA and NHL Champions were crowned in late May and the MLB World Series winner was determined in October. While the games still end around those times – the hype is 365 days a year now. Part of that excitement is Championship futures as each league has odds posted year-round. 

NBA Finals Futures 2018

Various levels, of “people in charge” in Canada and the USA, protest betting being tied to their sports. We would have bought that story, way back when the Mob were running the books, but that is simply not the case any longer. That is primarily due to advancements that are being made in the online sports betting industry. Now they all say it (but don’t mean it) as North American Pro, College and Amateur sports receive global publicity since odds for their games are posted every day. We will update our 2018 NBA Finals futures table on a weekly basis during the regular season.

NBA Odds Table Glossary: Rise = Gained Value, Fall = Lost Value, Steady = No Change

Last Bet365 NBA Championship Finals Price Update: 11:00 AM ET on April 23, 2018.

Hoops Wagering Legend: ActiveClanked Off The Rim – Nothing But Net

NBA Hot and Not: Quarterfinals Update

After a 25-week regular season slugfest, the 2017-18 NBA Playoffs are about to take center stage. We enjoyed some nice positional battles down the stretch, including the Timberwolves vs Nuggets “play-in” match on the final night, and the field of 16 is now set. Congratulations to Toronto and Houston who are the top seeds in the East and West respectively. Boston and Golden State are #2 seeds but they have injury issues – particularly the Celtics who lost Kyrie Irving for the season. The Champs hope to have Stephen Curry back for round two action.

Closing their season on a franchise record 16-game winning run, Philadelphia pushed past Cleveland as the 76ers earned the third seed. Feeling they would, back on 13/03/18, the Cavaliers open the playoffs as the #4 seed. Indiana, Miami, Milwaukee and Washington round out the eight contenders in the East. Portland cooled slightly down the stretch but hung to the third seed as they finished one game ahead of Oklahoma City in the Northwest. Utah, New Orleans, San Antonio and Minnesota fill out the bottom half of the West bracket.

NBA Sweet 16 Advice: This is the last chance to get the best NBA Championship prices.

NBA 2017-18 Championship Futures Movement

Eastern Conference Championship NBA Odds Refresh

Congratulations to Toronto (59-23) who finished with the best regular season record in NBA Eastern Conference for the first time in their 23-year franchise history. Canada’s Crew have secured home-court advantage throughout the playoffs in the East and that is a big deal when one considers the Dino’s ended up tied with Houston  for the best home record (34-7) this season. After splitting their season series (2-2) Toronto will battle Washington (43-39) in the first round. We like the Raptors winning a quick five game series versus the Wizards.

Walking wounded, Boston staggers into the postseason without three keys players – Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward and Daniel Theis. Injuries are a pitfall when futures betting and we don’t have much faith in our Celtics tickets placed back on October 8, 2017. Boston draws Milwaukee and the Celtics will struggle against the Bucks. Philadelphia faces Miami in round one and that should be a fairly quick series. King James & Crew clash with Indiana as the Cavaliers vs Pacers rivalry re-fires in what we feel will be the longest East quarterfinal battle.

East Quarterfinal Playoff Winners: Toronto, Milwaukee, Philadelphia and Cleveland.

Last NBA Eastern Final Futures Update: 11:00 AM on April 23, 2018. 

Shaded Green = Best Buy Teams listed by current Eastern Conference standings.

Eastern Conference 
TOR Raptors  +110 to N/C   +155 to +160 
 +150 to +162 
 +137 to N/C 
BOS Celtics  +2000 to N/C  +2000 to N/C 
 +1700 to +2000 
 +2200 to +2000 
PHI 76ers  +500 to +225   +500 to +190 
 +500 to +225 
 +550 to +225 
CLE Cavaliers  +100 to +200   +125 to +210 
 +130 to +200 
 +120 to +200 
IND Pacers  +2200 to +3300   +2200 to +4000 
 +2500 to +4000 
 +2200 to +4000 
MIA Heat  +4000 to +6600   +3500 to +6600 
 +3500 to +6000 
 +4000 to +6600 
MIL Bucks  +2200 to +2500   +2200 to +2500 
 +2200 to +2500 
 +2200 to +2800 
WAS Wizards  +4000 to +5000   +3000 to +4000 
 +3000 to +4000 
 +3300 to +5000 
DET Pistons  OTB Week 24   OTB Week 23 
 OTB Week 25 
 OTB Week 25 
CHA Hornets  OTB Week 24   OTB Week 23 
 OTB Week 25 
 OTB Week 25 
NY Knicks  OTB Week 22   OTB Week 17   OTB Week 23 
 OTB Week 23 
BKN Nets  OTB Week 21   OTB Week 10 
 OTB Week 23 
 OTB Week 23 
CHI Bulls  OTB Week 21   OTB Week 10  OTB Week 23 
 OTB Week 23 
ORL Magic  OTB Week 19 
 OTB Week 8   OTB Week 22 
 OTB Week 22 
ATL Hawks  OTB Week 22 
 OTB Week 8   OTB Week 22 
 OTB Week 22 

Eastern Conference Futures Odds Movement

Western Conference Championship NBA Odds Refresh

Soaring above everyone in the Association, Houston has home-court advantage for as long as they last in the playoffs – which should include the NBA Finals. Finishing six games clear of the Raptors, the Rockets (65-17) have not lost two straight contests since January 6, 2018. Dealing with injuries late, Golden State did enough early to secure the West second seed as the Champs finished nine games ahead of Portland. Following a 13-game winning streak, the Trail Blazers closed on a 5-7 slide but held off Oklahoma to claim the #3 seed in the West.

Clear as mud, the final five West “contenders” were separated by one game. The Thunder, Utah Jazz and New Orleans Pelicans all finished with a 48-34 record while the San Antonio Spurs and Minnesota Timberwolves ended up in seventh and eighth place with a 47-35 mark. Based on our research, we see Houston taking out Minnesota in four or five games and Golden State winning a six game series. Portland and Oklahoma are both in tough series but we see them taking out New Orleans and Utah in battles that could go a full seven matches.

West Quarterfinal Playoff Winners: Houston, Golden State, Portland, Oklahoma City.

Last NBA Western Final Futures Update: 11:00 AM on April 23, 2018.

Shaded Green = Best Buy Teams listed by current Western Conference standings.

Western Conference 
HOU Rockets   +105 to +110   +110 to +120 
 +110 to +115 
 +100 to +110 
GS Warriors  -118 to -125   -110 to -125 
 -110 to -120 
 -110 to -125 
UTA Jazz   +2500 to +1600   +2500 to +1400 
 +2500 to +1500 
 +2800 to +1400 
SA Spurs  +3300 to +8000   +3500 to +8000 
 +3500 to +8000 
 +3300 to +8000 
OKC Thunder   +2000 to +2800 
 +1800 to +2500 
 +2000 to +3500 
 +1800 to +4000 
MIN Timberwolves   +5000 to +6600  +4500 to +6600 
 +4500 to +6600 
 +5000 to +6600 
NO Pelicans   +6600 to +1600
 +6600 to +1800 
 +5500 to +1800 
 +6600 to +1600 
POR Trail Blazers  Eliminated RND 1
Eliminated RND 1
Eliminated RND 1
Eliminated RND 1
DEN Nuggets  OTB Week 25 
 OTB Week 25 
 OTB Week 25 
 OTB Week 25 
LA Clippers   OTB Week 25 
 OTB Week 25 
 OTB Week 25 
 OTB Week 25 
LA Lakers   OTB Week 24 
 OTB Week 17 
 OTB Week 24 
 OTB Week 24  
SAC Kings   OTB Week 17 
 OTB Week 8 
 OTB Week 22 
 OTB Week 22 
DAL Mavericks   OTB Week 17 
 OTB Week 8 
 OTB Week 22 
 OTB Week 22 
MEM Grizzlies  OTB Week 19 
 OTB Week 10 
 OTB Week 22 
 OTB Week 22 
PHO Suns  OTB Week 17 
 OTB Week 10 
 OTB Week 22 
 OTB Week 22 

Western Conference Futures Odds Movement

Access Live NBA Odds Plus Real Time Scores Here

Surfing the web can be a knowledge adding experience – providing you will be safe once you get there. For that reason, it’s always good to have a secure and reliable “go to” source when you are checking current NBA odds and scoring updates. It is all LIVE 24/7 right here plus, as an added bonus, the real time numbers are from the best bookmakers in the online sportsbook industry.

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NBA Basketball Future Bets Explained

Betting on the NBA, whether it’s Championship futures, pre-game lines, or LIVE in-game odds, is simple and safe at the online sportsbooks recommended here at Canada Sports Betting. That said, we are moving toward an NBA season unlike any in recent memory. Still about 213 days away from crowning the 2017-18 NBA playoff Champs – Stephen Curry & Crew have a negative (-160) ML. By comparison, Cleveland was tagged with (+250) title odds in 2014-15, Golden State opened the 2015-16 campaign with a (+500) ML and GWS had a (+150) NBA Championship price last year. 

Looking at the NBA East, Cleveland is the team to beat for a third straight year. That is largely due to the Cavaliers having LeBron James, who is arguably the best baller on the Planet, but the Cavs have had a very quiet off-season to date. If there is going to be a Warriors vs Cavaliers Act IV, King James is going to need at least one more “star” than he had last year. Meanwhile, Boston is hot on the Cavs heels as they have been very active during the 2017 free agency period. The sum of the parts, except for the lack of an LBJ caliber star, has moved the Celtics much closer to the Cavs. 

One has to feel for NBA West Crews. Try as they might, it’s tough to keep up with Golden State as the Warriors have built one of the best teams in Association history. That squad is now locked in place, for at least two more years, so everyone continues to chase Curry, Kevin Durant, Draymond Green and Clay Thompson. Houston is attempting to make a run with the addition of PG Chris Paul but we are not sure if he will be able to mesh with fellow headstrong point-guard James Harden. San Antonio continues to reload but the Spurs are at least one star short of the Warriors Milky Way.

Canada’s Favorite NBA Betting Sportsbooks

A major “perk” of futures betting, no matter the sport, is the huge prices handicappers receive. While that is normally the case across the board in all leagues, as discussed above, the 2017-18 NBA Championship futures feature the Warriors and then everyone else. While bettors can usually find a couple of underdogs with a chance in the preseason – that is difficult to do with this years’ crop of odds. At this early point, we see the Thunder (+3300) as a pup with a shot as Oklahoma City added All-Star SF Paul George who will help make 2016 MVP Russell Westbrook even better.

Here at Canada Sports Betting, along with covering NBA Finals, we are very proud to spotlight the postseason of each of the major North American leagues. When the 2017-18 NBA season tips-off, the MLB, NFL, NCAAF, CFL and MLS Champion runs will be in full flight and we are tracking the playoff prices for each of those competitions. Exciting fire on ice action coincides with the roundball season and, as with all sports, we will update our NHL Stanley Cup futures board on a regular basis. Wagering on Championship futures odds is simple at any of these top ranked online sportsbooks.

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