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There was a time when North American “Big Four” sports had defined seasons. The NFL ended on Super Bowl Sunday in early February, NBA and NHL Champions were crowned in late May and the MLB World Series winner was determined in October. Today, the hype is 24/7 and 365 days a year. A big part of that excitement is Championship futures as each league has odds posted year-round. 

NBA Finals Futures 2019 Championship Odds

Various levels of “people in charge” protest betting being tied to their sports. We would have bought that, back when the Mob were running books, but that is simply not the case any longer. That is primarily due to exciting advancements that are being made in the online sports betting industry. Now they all say it (but don’t mean it) as North American Pro, College and Amateur sports receive global publicity since odds for their games are posted every day. Our 2019 NBA Finals futures table receives weekly updates once the regular season begins.

Bankers Note: All Suggested NBA Wagers are One-Unit bets unless otherwise noted.

NBA Championship Futures Price Week 4 Update: 2:00 AM ET on November 7, 2018. 

2018-19 Week 5 Bet365 NBA Finals Odds Refresh: 2:00 AM ET on November 14, 2018.

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NBA Hot and Not: 2018-19 Championship Finals Week 5 Price Update

Now there are none with one – plus just one with two. As we roll into Week 5, Toronto is the only two-loss team left in the Association. The Raptors own top perch in the 2018-19 NBA standings with a scintillating 12-2 record. That is one loss less than Golden State (12-3) and two wins plus a loss over Milwaukee and Portland who own impressive 10-3 marks. After a 7-0 start, Toronto wasn’t a good home NBA bet online, as they lost 126-110 to New Orleans who rolled during a 60-49 second half. 

Despite Stephen Curry being out with a groin strain, plus a one game team imposed suspension to Draymond Green, Golden State continues to march through their early season cupcake run. The Champs lost on the road in OT vs the LA Clippers (121-116) but posted easy wins at home, by a combined 226-203 count, vs Brooklyn and Atlanta. The road gets a little tougher for the Warriors as their next seven games are against teams with a combined 62-45 record – including Portland and Toronto. 

“Stephen Curry will be out of the Golden State lineup until late November”

Milwaukee and Portland continue their fierce battle for third and fourth overall. The Bucks showed some metal as they went 2-2 on a road trip with wins over Golden State and Denver and losses to Portland and the LA Clippers. Those four teams are sporting a solid 39-16 mark. On a 7-1 run, the Trail Blazers are an early season surprise. Portland has enjoyed lots of home cooking, during a six-game homestand, but now play six straight on the road with trip ending stops in Milwaukee and Oakland.

Overall NBA standings are a muddled mess after the top four as thirteen teams have between seven and nine victories. Part of that group is a struggling Denver squad that, after a brilliant 9-1 season start, has lost four in a row. On the other side of the coin, following a sluggish 2-3 start, Philadelphia is starting to play up to preseason expectations as the 76ers are 7-3 over their last ten matches. Bookmakers have noticed NBA MVP candidate Joel Embiid & Crew as the 76ers title prices are sinking. 

“Bookmakers still see the NBA Championship race as Warriors vs the World”

Taking a look at the Bet365 NBA Finals futures board, Golden State had a price change for the first time since August as the Warriors (-175 to -163) gained a smidgen of value. The move is largely due to Stephen Curry being sidelined but the Warriors will be fine until his return, which should happen before the end of the month. Although their price went unchanged, Toronto (+850) has moved into the second favorite slot. That is due to bookmakers moving Boston to third chalk with a +700 to +900 price increase.

Not totally tossing in the towel on Houston, who are struggling and sit with a 6-7 record, Bet365 raised the Rockets (+1000 to +1200) NBA title line. Losing a ton of value, Philadelphia (+2200 to +1300) rounds out the top five favorite list. This move follows the 76ers acquisition of G/F Jimmy Butler who finally received his wish to be moved out of Minnesota. It may take a bit of time for Jimmy Buckets to get acclimated, with new teammates Embiid and Ben Simmons, but this is a solid add by the 76ers.

Week 5 Observation: Portland at +5000 is tempting but we are avoiding that bandwagon. 

Bet365 Sportsbook Week 5 NBA Championship Odds 14/11/18 @ 2:00 AM ET 

Eastern Conference NBA Odds Western Conference NBA Odds
ATL Hawks (3-11) +35000 DAL Mavericks (5-8) +35000
BKN Nets (6-8) +25000 DEN Nuggets (9-5) +3500
BOS Celtics (7-6) +900 GS Warriors (12-3) -163
CHA Hornets (7-7) +8000 HOU Rockets (6-7) +1200
CHI Bulls (4-10) +30000 LA Clippers (8-5) +10000
CLE Cavaliers (2-11) +150000 LA Lakers (7-6) +2500
DET Pistons (6-6) +7000 MEM Grizzlies (7-5) +15000
IND Pacers (8-6) +7000 MIN Timberwolves (5-9) +15000
MIA Heat (5-8) +9000 NO Pelicans (7-6) +5000
MIL Bucks (10-3) +2000 OKC Thunder (8-5) +3000
NY Knicks (4-10) +35000  PHO Suns (2-11) +75000
ORL Magic (6-8) +15000 POR Trail Blazers (10-3) +5000
PHI 76ers (9-6) +1300 SA Spurs (7-5) +4000
TOR Raptors (12-2) +850 SAC Kings (8-6) +15000
WAS Wizards (4-9) +15000 UTA Jazz (7-6) +4500

2018-19 NBA Finals Futures Movement

Eastern Conference 2019 Championship: Week 5 Odds Update

Continuing a franchise record shattering pace, despite their first home loss of the season, Toronto is maintaining their Eastern Conference lead. Solid across the board, the Raptors are 7-1 at home, 6-1 on the road and 6-1 in conference play. While losses are never good, the letdown vs New Orleans may have a silver lining as Toronto can move past the pressure of maintaining an undefeated streak at home. Now tied with Boston, the Raptors have a +200 East tile best price at Bodog as their line continues to shrink.

“A measure of where both teams are at – Toronto visits Boston on 16/11/18”

Deciphering what is going on in Boston gets tougher with each passing game. Despite being stacked with talent, the Celtics are having a difficult time gaining consistency and they are currently riding a dismal 1-4 losing streak. It is worth noting that Boston (7-6) has played nine road contests and just four games at home. That includes five straight as visitors during their current run of futility. Still struggling on offense, averaging 105.2 PPG (25th) the Celtics defense has slipped to third overall – now allowing 103.5 points per game.

After a solid 7-3 run, plus the acquisition of Jimmy Butler, Philadelphia lost almost half of their East Championship value as the 76ers fell from +600 to +350 at Betway. While the rebuild still hasn’t come full circle, Philadelphia is now long removed from the brutal 10-72 record they posted during the 2015-16 NBA season. The 76ers have 28 games remaining vs West teams, that own a 108-92 record, but they should feast on the East as their 39 in-conference contests are versus squads that have a dismal 84-107 mark.

“Eleven teams have finished with a +10 or higher PF/PA – Eight won NBA titles”

With the 76ers moving closer to Boston and Toronto, Milwaukee is alone as fourth favorites. The Bucks +600 East title line is offered at three of our top four NBA focused bookmakers. Milwaukee continues to be a scoring machine, averaging 121.6 points per game, and the Bucks remain on top with a league best +11.9 PF/PA differential. Golden State three times (2014-16) and San Antonio once (2015) are the only teams to finish with a double-digit PF/PA differential during the previous ten NBA seasons. 

East Observation Week 5: Embiid + Simmons + Butler = Solid Philly Big Three.

Best Buy Odds: Expecting a  price drop – Buy Bucks +600 @ SportsInteraction.

Eastern Observation Week 3: Milwaukee is playing rock solid at both ends of the floor.

Eastern Conference Week 4 Futures Update: 2:00 AM ET on November 7, 2018.

Week 5 Eastern Conference Final Odds Refresh: 2:00 AM ET on November 14, 2018.

Best Buy Price: Teams are listed by the 2018-19 NBA East Week 5 standings.

East Standings Week 5
TOR Raptors (12-2) +180 to +162 +180 to +200
+162 to +200
+150 to N/C
MIL Bucks (10-3) +650 to +600 +650 to +600
+600 to N/C
+700 to +550
PHI 76ers (9-6) +550 to +310 +550 to +325
+500 to +300
+600 to +350
IND Pacers (8-6) +2500 to +3000 +2500 to +3000
+2800 to +3000
+2500 to +2800
BOS Celtics (7-6) +150 to +200 +150 to +200
+162 to +200 
+137 to +187
CHA Hornets (7-7) +3000 to +4000 +3300 to +4000 +3000 to +3300 +4000 to N/C
DET Pistons (6-6) +2500 to +4000 +2800 to +4000
+3000 to +3300
+2200 to +3000
BKN Nets (6-8) +20K to +12.5K +20K to +12.5K
+20K to +12.5K
+30K to +15K
ORL Magic (6-8) +8000 to N/C
+8000 to N/C +8000 to N/C
+20K to +10K
MIA Heat (5-8) +3500 to +4000 +3500 to +4000
+3500 to +3300
+3300 to N/C
WAS Wizards (4-9) +5000 to +6000 +6000 to N/C
+5500 to +6000
+5000 to N/C
CHI Bulls (4-10) +15K to +12.5K +15K to +12.5K +12.5K to N/C
+10K to N/C
NY Knicks (4-10) +15K to +20K +15K to +20K  +20K to N/C
+20K to N/C
ATL Hawks (3-11) +20K to +15K
+20K to +15K +15K to N/C
+15K to N/C
CLE Cavaliers (2-11) +35K to +50K +35K to +50K
+50K to N/C
+50K to N/C

Eastern Conference 2018-19 Futures Line Moves

Western Conference 2019 Championship: Week 5 Odds Update 

One win better than they were last year at this time, Golden State continues in a grove as their 12-3 record is two wins better than Portland. Not having Stephen Curry hasn’t affected the Champs much as they aim for a record fifth straight Western Conference Championship. While Draymond Green airing dirty laundry in public wasn’t helpful, since the Warriors are a veteran laced team, it will pass. Through it all, top bookmakers either lowered or held the Golden State line steady and (-240) at Bodog is their best price.

“Cappers will get a better feel for second place Portland after a long road trip”

Priced as a huge +7500 West title underdog, prior to Week 1, Portland is playing well above expectations as they sit second overall. After nine of their first 13 games were played at home – Portland will be tested by a run of nine of 14 games on the road. Damian Lillard (26 PPG) and CJ McCollum (20.5) have been strong for the Trail Blazers but we can’t see the supporting cast being enough to keep Portland at their red-hot .769 win percentage. Betway seems to agree as they offer the Blazers at a +3000 best value. 

Early season wonders, storming out of the starting gate with a 9-1 record, Denver is in the midst of downward spiral during a four game losing streak. The Nuggets have five players posting double-digits per game on offense but leading scorer Jamal Murray is just 45th overall in the league. Denver’s top five average 81.4 points per game and that’s a long way from the 98.9 PPG the Warriors top five post. Priced at +1600, at many online sportsbooks, Betway is looking for Mile High backers by offering a +2000 money line.

“Except Phoenix (3-11) every West team is within two wins of a playoff spot”  

Denver sliding back has brought other teams up as eight squads have seven or more wins in the West. While yours truly remains a non-believer, LeBron James and the Lakers (7-6) are in that group as Los Angeles (+1500) won three straight during the NBA Week 4 segment. Hotter than every team, Oklahoma City (+1800) is making noise as the Thundered rolled past an 0-4 start with a 8-1 recent run. That includes a 3-1 mark without Russell Westbrook who is almost ready to return from an ankle injury. 

West Observation Week 5: West teams have 108 wins compared to 93 in the East.

Buyer Beware: LA Clippers (8-5) play 11 of their next 15 contests on the road. 

Western Championship Week 4 Futures Update: 22:00 AM ET on November 7, 2018.

Week 5 West Conference Final Odds Refresh: 2:00 AM ET on November 14, 2018.

Best Buy Price: Teams are listed by the 2018-19 NBA Wast Week 5 standings.

West Standings Week 5
GS Warriors (12-3) -278 to -303 -250 to -240
-275 to -260
-286 to N/C
POR Trail Blazers (10-3) +3500 to +2500
+4000 to +2800
+3500 to +2500
+3300 to N/C
DEN Nuggets (9-5) +1800 to +1600
+1800 to +1600
+1600 to N/C
+2000 to N/C
LA Clippers (8-5) +6000 to N/C
+7000 to +6600
+6000 to N/C
+6600 to N/C
OKC Thunder (8-5) +2800 to +1600
+2800 to +1600
+2500 to +1600
+2500 to +1800
SA Spurs (7-5) +2500 to +2800 +2500 to +2800
+2800 to N/C
+2800 to N/C
MEM Grizzlies (7-5) +9000 to +10K
+10K to +9000
+10K to +9000
+25K to N/C
SAC Kings (8-6) +10K to +9000
+12.5K to +9000
+9000 to N/C
+10K to N/C
UTA Jazz (7-6) +1800 to +2500 +1800 to +2500
+2200 to +2500
+2000 to +2200
LA Lakers (7-6) +1600 to +1500
+1600 to +1500
+1500 to N/C
+1300 to N/C
NO Pelicans (7-6) +2500 to +2800
+2500 to +2800
+2800 to N/C
+2500 to N/C
HOU Rockets (6-7) +650 to N/C +650 to +700
+600 to +650
+600 to N/C
MIN Timberwolves (5-9) +5500 to +9000 +5500 to +9000
+6000 to +9000
+4000 to +6600
DAL Mavericks (5-8) +12.5K to +20K
+12.5K to +20K
+20K to N/C
+20K to N/C
PHO Suns (2-11) +25K to +35K
+25K to +35K
+25K to +35K
+25K to N/C

Western Conference 2018-19 Futures Line Moves

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Like Cliff Swallows returning to San Juan Capistrano, BC fall salmon swimming upstream from the Pacific Ocean, plus the Allegheny and Monongahela joining to form the Ohio River, the start of betting on NBA games brings the North American seven-sport family together. Though the confluence only remains for a short time – it certainly is an exciting event for sports fans. MLB action cuts away from the pack first as the World Series runs until late October. The CFL is next as the Grey Cup Championship plays out on the final Saturday every November.

European style football begins hibernate after the MLS Cup winner is crowned in early December. From there, the NCAAF National Championship plays out one week into January – prior to Super Bowl Sunday in early February. While the streams slows some after that, exciting Stanley Cup and NBA Finals races provide plenty of handicapping thrills until the Boys Of Summer return in late March. Offering simple sign-up, safe and convenient banking options, plus thousands of odds on sports of all sorts, CSB top rated sportsbooks are best bets for Canuck ‘Cappers.

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