NBA Southeast Scores And Standings

Keep updated with the division (and the whole league) with this table below, which not only tracks win-loss records but also points scored (+) and points scored against (-). 


Bet On NBA Southeast Games

Betting on Southeast Division games takes place through sportsbooks in the money line. With this type of bet, you pick the winner of the game and your profit is reliant on their price. Prices manifest as either minus numbers (favorite to win) or plus numbers (underdogs). A price of -250 for example indicates the team is the likely winner and you will have to bet $250 to win back $100. But a price of +175 on the comeback means an unlikely winner and $175 will be won on a $100 bet. The likelier a winner the more expensive and vice versa.

Florida on fire: between the division’s creation in 2004 to 2016, a Florida-based team has won the division except in 2015 when the Atlanta Hawks took their first Southeast Division title. These powerhouse teams were star-studded featuring the likes of Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Dwight Howard but since the departures of James and Howard they came back to earth. In 2015-2016, no team in the division had better than a 62.5 winning percent (10-6 record) outlining how much more competitive the division has become.

The other guys: outside the Heat and Magic, the other teams in the division have quietly remained competitive in some extent. The Hawks have either been a third place team or better in all but one season between 2008 to 2016. The Charlotte Hornets have started a recent resurgence and may be an emerging division power while the Washington Wizards remain a threat with their growing prospects and young stars.

Division titles: a hot bet to make is a prop bet on who will win the division before the season begins. The NBA offseason is generally filled with plenty of roster and front office changes especially for teams who underperformed the season prior. Making a prop bet on a team to win the division is usually a plus bet and can yield a sizable profit if called correctly. Analyzing how recent performances and offseason changes factor in is key to this bet.