NBA Central Scores And Standings

The Central Division’s standings are below. You can also see the rest of the standings by division. The (+) and (-) indicate points scored by and against the team, respectively. 


Bet On NBA Central Games

There’s a lot of fun ways to bet on the Central Division. A prop bet (more below) on who wins the division is a key bet but the bread-and-butter of betting comes down to the straight bet on the money line. Here, you will bet one of two teams to win: either the favorite (minus symbol) or the underdog (plus symbol). These numbers indicate the return on your bet with minus giving you less and plus giving you more. To simplify, a -300 bet means you win $100 from a $300 bet but a +300 is the opposite and you win $300 from a $100 bet.

The King’s Court: very few players have as much impact on the division (or the league) as LeBron James. The greatest player of his generation single-handedly determines whether his team, the Cavaliers are division champions or fodder. Outside his first two seasons, the Cavs finish in the division’s top two when he plays for them. But they finished in the bottom in three of the four seasons he didn’t. The balance of power shifts dramatically whether the King is present or not.

The beasts of the East: unlike the Atlantic Division, the Central Division has been a rugged and tough division generally filled with playoff-caliber teams. From 2007 to 2016, four of the division’s five teams all claimed the division title. The teams generally play each other close throughout. In the 2015-2016 season, the Cavaliers won the division by 12 games but only had a 50 percent winning rate against the division.

Get the point across: if the money line isn’t to your liking, you can try playing the point spread. This system tries to even out the money you spend by giving the teams a number to cover. If you bet the minus spread like -7.5, it means the team needs to win by more than 7.5 points but betting the plus spread like +4.5 means the team cannot lose by more than 4.5 points. If this team outright wins, the bet still wins.