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The Toronto Raptors are the only non-American franchise in the NBA and were established in 1995 in the NBA’s foray to Canada. In their brief existence, they have won four division titles as of 2016. They are riding historic times as they advanced to their first Conference Finals and set a franchise-record, 56 wins. They first rose to fame in the early 2000s when Vince Carter took them to their first playoff trips. The Raptors remain popular around the league but sly gamblers may still consistently profit on their odds. 

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Toronto Raptors Basketball Schedule

The Toronto Raptors’ complete schedule is listed below with results and betting lines. Be sure to look out for trends like streaks and how the Raptors do at home or on the road.

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Toronto Raptors Scores And Standings

This is where the Raptors stand in today’s NBA season. Conference and division standings are separated here. Winning streaks, points for (+) and points against (-) are posted as well.

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Bet On Toronto Raptors Games

You can bet the Toronto Raptors in many ways but you will have to master the art of the money line. This where you bet for a team to win straight up. You will notice two types of numbers here: a minus number (favorite) and plus number (underdog). For example, -160 means you need to spend $160 to earn $100 while +135 means a profit of $135 is profited when spending $100. Likelier winners profit less and unlikelier winners, more.

Raptors rule: between 2013 to 2016, the Raptors won three straight division titles and set franchise records thanks to the vulnerability of the Atlantic Division. Between those years, the Raptors have a 70.9 winning percent against the division compared to a 57.2 winning percent against non-division teams. As long as the Raptors don’t have any major roster turnovers and the rest of the division keeps rebuilding, the Raptors are a good bet to keep ruling the division.

European Flavor: since Bryan Colangelo took over the team as general manager in the 2006-2007 season, the Raptors have showcased plenty of European talent. They made Andrea Bargnani the first European to be selected first overall in the NBA draft and also had standouts in Jose Calderon and Hedo Turkoglu. Most recently, Jonas Valanciunas is their most prominent European player.

Raptors spread: outside of betting the Raptors straight, you can also try playing them on the point spread. This system evens out odds between the favorite and underdog by assigning points for them to “cover”. A minus spread like -6.5 indicates the Raptors are favored to win by over six points. A plus spread of +4.5 means the Raptors are expected to lose by fewer than five points. This is like a handicap and you take the team’s final score and either subtract the minus line or add the plus hoping it results in a Raptors’ win.