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As one of the NBA’s most historic franchises, the New York Knicks are one of only two original NBA teams (the Boston Celtics) still located in their original city. They have accumulated two NBA championships, eight conference titles and five division titles but have primarily been marred by angst and frustration given the ravenous fan base they support. Outside a few seasons, the Knicks have been success-starved since the new millennium and as they continue to rebuild, betting them will come at affordable rates.

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The Knicks’ record is listed here. Offensive (+) and defensive (-) totals are also listed. “L10” indicates their record in their last ten games. “GB” stands for games behind first place.

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You can bet on the New York Knicks in many ways but you will have learn the money line. This is where you bet a team to win, straight. You will notice two types of numbers: a minus number (favorite) and plus number (underdog). -150 means you need to spend $150 to make $100 while +125 means a profit of $125 is earned on a $100 bet. The likelier a team is expected to win, the more you’ll have to spend on them and vice versa for underdogs.

Bullied: it’s hard to find a franchise that has had more up-and-downs as the Knicks. After winning two NBA championships in the seventies, the franchise returned to prominence in the nineties but unfortunately had to deal with Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls. The Knicks faced the Bulls six times in the playoffs between 1987 to 1996 and lost all but one series: the one season they faced them without Jordan and made the NBA Finals in a heartbreaking seven games.

Rock bottom: since inexplicably winning 54 games during the 2012-2013 season, the Knicks have become one of the NBA’s worst teams. Despite having legendary coach, Phil Jackson as the new team president, the Knicks have become a lottery team and even set a franchise worst, 65 losses during the 2014-2015 season. Armed with a few young talents and aging veterans, the franchise must decide how they want to build themselves for the future.

Under the Knicks: the Knicks may not be an enticing betting option on the money line but you can try playing the team totals or over/unders. You predict whether the total score between the Knicks and their opponent goes over or under the number provided: 205.5 for example. Since 2013, Knicks’ games have leaned going under at 51.9 percent but as an underdog (which they will usually be), that number jumps up to 54.9 percent.