NBA Atlantic Scores And Standings

You can view the Atlantic division’s teams below along with the rest of the NBA’s divisions. Other than their wins and losses, make a note of their points (+) and points against (-).


Bet On NBA Atlantic Games

You can bet on the Atlantic Division in many ways but you will have to master the art of the money line. This is the place where you bet for a team to win straight up. You will notice two types of numbers listed for teams: a minus number and plus number. The former indicates the favorite and you will have to spend more to win less while the latter indicates an underdog meaning you win more on your bet. For example, -200 means you need to spend $200 to earn $100 while +150 means a profit of $150 is earned when spending $100.

Raptors reign: between 2013 to 2016, the Toronto Raptors have won three straight division titles and mangled the competition. In 2015-2016, they decimated the rest of the division with an 87.5 winning percent (14-2 record). The Atlantic Division has been the NBA’s weakest division since the late 2000s and it won’t take much outside of a solid to decent NBA team to claim the top spot.

Cellar dwellers: since the NBA went to its five-team division format in 2004, the Atlantic Division has only had three seasons where at least three of its team had a winning record yet they manage to consistently send more than one playoff team due to how shallow the Eastern Conference is. But historically, teams don’t stay bad forever and the Atlantic’s basement teams will eventually rise depending how well their rebuilding pays off.

Predicting a division winner: another type of bet to make is a prop bet. This includes but is not limited to predicting the division winner before the season starts. Maybe a once-poor team has made some drastic offseason changes or you have a gut feeling they will turn things around. The odds usually reflect these changes but still take into account a team’s recent history. These types of bets are harder to hit due to the length of a season but most of them can be found at underdog prices so you make a tidy profit if you call it right.