NBA East Scores And Standings

Keeping updated with the entire conference is crucial when it comes to making bets. The table here lists every team’s win-loss record and their points (+) and points allowed (-).


Bet On NBA Eastern Conference Games

There is plenty to bet on in the NBA’s Eastern Conference but the straight bet on the money line is what you will likely be familiar with. In this type of bet, you pick the winner of the game. Teams are lined with prices that are either minus numbers or plus numbers. They indicate favorites and underdogs, respectively. A price of -250 for example indicates the team is a favorite and you will have to bet $250 to win $100. A price of +150 on the flipside reveals an underdog and a $150 profit is made on a $100 bet.

East not so least: at some point, the Eastern Conference was considered the lesser of the two conferences with the majority of the playoff teams having mediocre records and the final seeds even having losing records while the Western Conference had teams with winning records left out of the playoffs. In 2016 however, the Eastern Conference had its best playoff lineup when the 8th seeded Detroit Pistons finished with a 44-38 record, which would’ve made them fifth in the Western Conference.

Postseason or next season: elite teams eventually start winning and the not-so-elite can’t keep up. Around midseason, the playoff race for some teams is already over and it’s obvious they will just try to play for the lottery while some caught in the middle may have a tougher time determining their strategy. Once you determine what a team is aiming for, their compete level will be easier to gauge and that should factor into their odds at winning.

Picking the elite eight: before the NBA season starts, a popular prop bet to make is to bet which teams will or will not make the playoffs. Obvious playoff contenders or elite teams will likely be at more expensive prices but it is common for losing teams of seasons past to finally make the postseason. Doing research on any offseason changes and following your gut could help you profit large if you successfully pick a longshot to makes the playoffs.