Slam Dunk Contest Betting Lines

The slam dunk contest is probably the most famous and popular pro sports skills competition in the world, drawing viewers who don’t regularly watch basketball. Ever since Larry Nance won it in 1984, it’s been a regular staple of the all-star weekend, with superstars such as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Dominique Wilkins and Blake Griffin establishing their explosiveness during the contest. After a two-year hiatus, NBA slam dunk contest betting lines were reignited by Vince Carter’s legendary, near-perfect performance in the year 2000.

NBA Slam Dunk Contest Betting Trends

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Bet On The NBA Slam Dunk Contest

NBA slam dunk contest betting trends are all about displaying the incredible athleticism of ballers during the NBA All-Star weekend. Participants over the years have included point guards, shooting guards, forwards and centers, with a focus on those who have hops. However, before you bet on the NBA slam dunk contest, you should be aware of the following basics.

Size Matters: The slam dunk contest is all about inspiring a sense of awe from the audience, and nothing makes an NBA audience go crazy than a short dude dunking all over the competition. This helped Nate Robinson win three titles. Spud Webb, the shortest winner ever, managed to take down the great Dominique Wilkins by practicing in secret, shocking the NBA with his hops and execution. Typically, larger NBA dunk contest participants, such as Dwight Howard and Blake Griffin, need to win by executing dunks that nearly destroy the rim from above, showcasing their otherworldly strength.

Dunk Contest Format: Recently, the dunk contest consists of a first round where the top two dunkers qualify for the finals. The finals consist of two more dunks, followed by a sudden-death dunk off. The 2016 edition of the contest was one of the tightest competitions ever, with Aaron Gordon and LaVine scoring multiple fifty point dunks before Zach outlasted Gordon for the win.