NBA All-Star Game Betting Lines

The NBA All-Star Game is a basketball exhibition game hosted annually since 1951. The game pits together the league’s star players from the Eastern Conference against the Western Conference. Each team consists of 12 players with the five starters determined by a fan ballot. The reserves are chosen by the head coaches from squad’s respective conference. The head coaches are from the teams with the current best record in their conferences with exception to any repeat appearances.

Odds On NBA All-Star Game

Here is the table that shows the details of the All-Star Game. Start time, location and betting odds are all provided and we also update the score on the fly so keep checking back here.

NBA All Star Game
NBA All Star Game
1st round
  • 1
Away Score Home Money Line
Sunday 19 February
FT East 182 - 192 West +195 -227 Odds

NBA All-Star Game Betting Trends

Care to put some money on this star-studded winter showdown? A number of sportsbooks are happy to accomodate and we’ve sorted out the best of the bunch to choose from. No journeyman offerings here, just the certified cream of the crop.

Bet On NBA All Star Game

The NBA All-Star Game is a completely different brand of basketball versus what the regular season and playoffs have to offer. The last two contests featured a final score that easily eclipsed the 300 point range (last year’s over/under was set at 295 points) and that’s the best example possible of the game’s relaxed approach to defense. The clampdown sometimes comes out in the final frame, but for the most part you’re in line to see some incredibly high scoring basketball. [+]

Unlike the NHL and NFL, the NBA has stuck to a conference vs. conference format that will allow those making a wager to have an idea which superstars are lined up where well ahead of the weekend. The Western Conference’s dominance within the NBA made it a two point favourite in 2015 (even with injuries en masse) and the team delivered with a 163-158 victory. One thing to keep in mind when making a wager on the game is the tendency for the lineup to feature star players in different positions. The team dynamics are going to be way different than when they’re the star attraction on their regular squad.

NBA All-Star Game Options

There’s more than just the final score to bet on when it comes to the All-Star Game. One mainstay of the wagering experience is betting on who will win the MVP trophy once all is said and done. (Last year’s contest saw +1000 option Russell Westbrook win the prize.) Sportsbooks will also offer up prop bets attached for the game’s highest scorer and where they’ll place in the over/under. NBA All-Star Weekend provides even more opportunities with the Three-Point Contest, Slam Dunk Contest and All-Star Celebrity Game in the mix with wagering options.

To bet on the All-Star Game, you will likely play the money line. There are other methods to bet (elaborated below) but the money line is the one, which all bookies provide. This is the place to make a straight bet on which team you think will win. The prices for the teams manifest as either a minus number indicating the favorite or a plus number indicating the underdog. A minus price of -170 for instance means a $170 bet is required to profit $100 while a comeback of +140 means $140 will be your profit on a $100 bet.

A tale of two halves: as of 2016, the Eastern Conference leads the Western Conference 37 wins to 28 even though the West has won 11 of their last 17 meetings. The East primarily dominated between 1951 to 1998 including winning the contest five straight times between 1980 to 1984. The strength of the East came mostly from the Boston Celtics dynasties of the past as well as several St. Louis Hawks and Cincinnati Royals players.

A festivity of prop bets: the NBA All-Star Game is the main event of an action-packed All-Star Weekend, which also features other competitions like the Dunk Contest and Three-Point Shootout. These special types of events are ripe for making prop picks on who you think will win and because of the nature of the competition, the players are usually lined with plus odds. The Rising Stars Challenge is also a good exhibition game to make bets on and get a glimpse of potential future NBA superstars.

Banking on the scoring: if you feel it’ frivolous to bet on a game where the consequences don’t really matter to the players, try playing the team totals or the over/under. This type of bet focuses on predicting the total combined score between both teams instead of the winner. If the total is given as 325.5, it means you pick whether you think the total score between both teams will be 326 or more (over) or 325 or less (under).