MLB NL Central Scores And Standings

Following along with the MLB NL Central standings all year long helps handicappers better attack strong betting spots. This year's current standings are listed below.


Bet On MLB NL Central Games

The Cardinals may have a long history of being the top dog in this division for the bulk of this century, but over the past few years, no one would argue with the fact that this is considered the best division in baseball.

In 2013, St Louis, Pittsburgh, and Cincinnati all finished with 90 or more wins and all three of them got into the playoffs. The 2014 season saw St Louis and Pittsburgh make the playoffs from this division, and 2015 had St Louis, Pittsburgh and the Chicago Cubs all finish with 97 or more wins and playoff berths. Those are some very impressive numbers put up by these NL Central teams and all of those wins mean that bettors do not shy away from backing these teams during a season.

The only team not listed there from the NL Central is the Milwaukee Brewers and that's because they went into rebuild mode after the 2011 season. They are a proud organization themselves, and while their immediate future prospects aren't particularly great, continually battling some of baseball's best teams that reside as division rivals should speed up that learning curve.

Bettors also know that given how close the top of the NL Central standings have been recently, backing those talented teams that do not actually win the division has worked out in playoff betting. The Cardinals may have won all those division titles since 2000, but their two World Series championships came when they were a wildcard team, and only three times since 2007 has the NL Central winner got past the division series. The Cubs are the most recent success story with their run to the NLCS in 2015 as the 3rd place finisher within the division and many believe that was the start of a long run of sustained success for the Chicago Cubs organization.