MLB National League Scores And Standings

Considering NHL teams play an 82 game schedule, that covers 26 weeks, Major League Baseball squads pack a ton of action into their 27-week slate as each team plays 162 matches. Tracking the contenders and pretenders in the NL East, Central and West divisions is quick and simple with our LIVE MLB National League scores and standings table as it updates after each game all season long.


Bet On National League Games

Baseball will always be nine players going out and nine players coming in, until three players go out and the nine players who are in go back out, while the nine that are out go in, during at least nine innings (explain that to a foreigner) but there is one distinct difference between the National League and American League. Resisting what many feel is the inevitable; Senior Circuit pitchers still have to bat as long as they keep heading to the mound. Although the divide, between the pro and anti Designated Hitter camps, is almost as wide as the one between Republicans and Democrats the gap narrows every season. It becomes even smaller each time an All-Star hurler almost gets plunked by a pitch before they whiff. The top 50 NL pitchers struck out 1093 times over 2598 at bats in 2016.

Purists will tell you that managers need to employ a lot more strategy when guiding a lineup with hitting pitchers and that is certainly true. It is also a factor when placing a bet on National League games at a baseball betting hot spot like SportsInteraction. Hurlers hitting is even more important when the Boys of Summer tangle in Interleague matches. Home team "League" rules are applied during Senior vs Junior circuit clashes so pitchers do not hit when they visit American League parks. The same is true once the World Series begins as American League pitchers head to the plate in matches played at NL parks. The lack of a DH often also results in less runs being scored per nine innings during NL games and that requires consideration when wagering on Over/Under offers. 

Top Major League Baseball Sportsbook Wagering Websites

Playing out, on a near daily basis, National League games provide plenty of fodder for the wagering boards at top Major League Baseball sportsbook wagering websites that are recommended here at Canada Sports Betting. In addition to traditional run line, game total and money lines odds, there are also hundreds of handicapping prop options posted everyday. Notice a slate that’s loaded with third and fourth starters? That’s a good time to try the Grand Salami offered at SportsInteraction which requires bettors to wager on Over/Under odds that are based on the total runs scored by all teams involved. Bookmakers also offer MLB futures odds on Senior Circuit “Total Team Wins” plus prices on winning the three divisions and overall National League Championship in October.

Adding even more wagering excitement, to the Senior Circuit action, we haven’t even touched on LIVE in-game handicapping yet. Since MLB matches don’t move at warp speed, in fact games seem to be slowing year over year, baseball is a real solid LIVE betting sport. Long pauses for pitching or batter changes, plus the breaks at the end of every half inning, allow bookmakers to continuously update their LIVE lines. With a pair of day game wins already safely banked, on a three-team parlay ticket, bettors can hedge their way to a guaranteed winner with in-game betting on the night cap match. These are just a few of the hundreds of MLB National League betting lines offered by the top ranked CSB online sportsbooks listed in the table below - where registration is always FREE!