Odds To Win World Series

Enjoyed by many, though still scoffed at by some, pro sports futures betting continues to gain mainstream acceptance in the wagering world. With proper preseason research, plus regular season tracking, Major League Baseball futures odds to win the World Series can lead major to bankroll building. Here we take a look at what’s required to successfully cash in on MLB Fall Classic Champions. Let’s play hardball.

World Series Futures 2018

Normally posted shortly after each playoff Champ is crowned, pro sports title betting lines offer a unique wagering option. Below, we have listed the Bodog 2018 MLB World Series Championship futures handicapping lines. Since the numbers change often, we will update this space regularly with Fall Classic picks and advice. Check back anytime for price updates on the Boys of Summer.

Futures Board Legend: Gain: Value Added – Drop: Value Lost – Steady: No Change

Previous Futures Odds Update: 9:00 PM ET on Saturday, April 14, 2018.

MLB Fall Classic Price Refresh: 6:00 AM ET on Thursday, April 19, 2018.

MLB Prediction Tracking: At Bat – Strike Out – Grand Slam

Week 4 MLB World Series Futures Odds Update

Boston (15-2) continues to impress early in the 2018 Major League Baseball season. Pounding everyone in their path, the Red Sox are 8-1 at home and 7-1 on the road. Even more impressive, the BoSox have outscored their opponents by a 108-48 margin (6.3 to 2.8 RPGA) and their +60 RF/RA differential is 22 runs better than the distant second overall +38 Toronto is sporting. The Sox are currently in Anaheim and lashed the LA Angels 19-1 during the first two games of their fight for first overall with the Halos. That is beyond impressive.

With the AL Los Angeles Crew (13-5) dropping two straight to Boston, the New York Mets (13-4) have moved into second place overall in the league. The Angels are just a half game behind the 2018 version of The Amazin’ Mets who we are not entirely sold on yet. Arizona and Toronto, both an impressive 13-5, round out the top five. Don’t buy anything that the Marlins, White Sox, Rays, Orioles, Royals or Reds are selling as those six squads are already double digits out of first place. Texas and San Diego aren’t much better at 9.5 games back.

World Series Week 4 Advice: Toronto’s (+2800) money line won’t last long at Bodog.

2018 MLB World Series Line Movement Updates

National League Championship 2018 Futures Lines

Standings still appear to be a mirage in the NL as four of the top five finished with a losing record last year. New York (13-4) fell back some as the Mets are 2-3 over their last five matches – after they fired out of the gate on an 11-1 roll. Arizona, the only 2017 National League playoff team currently in the top five, sits second as the Diamondbacks (12-5) are one game out. Pittsburgh continues to surprise as the Pirates (12-6) are 1.5 back and they are on pace to win 108 games. We advise caution if considering a buy on the Buccos NLCS odds.

Atlanta has been up and down as the Braves (10-7) are fourth but their season long win streak is just three and they are on a middling 4-4 run. Philadelphia is tied with the Mets for the best record over the past ten games as the Phillies are tied with Atlanta following a 9-3 streak. A group of six teams are all hovering around the .500 mark – including the Dodgers who have won four straight to right the ship some in SoCal. NL standings will be fluent over the next few weeks. A wait and watch approached is advised at top online sportsbooks.

Odds Table Placement: Teams are listed by the current National League standings.

MLB Senior Circuit Title Odds Update: 2:00 PM ET 19/04/18 Shaded Green: Best Prices!

National League Odds 
New York Mets   +525 to +500   +400 to +375   +460 to +550   +650 to +550 
Arizona Diamondbacks  +425 to +500   +900 to +750   +460 to +450   +550 to +500 
Pittsburgh Pirates  +1700 to +1500   +4000 to +2500   +1800 to +1700   +2800 to N/C 
Atlanta Braves   +2000 to +1700   +4000 to N/C   +1800 to N/C   +3300 to N/C 
St. Louis Cardinals  +1200 to +900   +1600 to +1000   +1100 to +900   +1000 to N/C 
Philadelphia Phillies  +1800 to +1700   +5000 to +3300   +2500 to +1700   +6600 to N/C 
Colorado Rockies  +1300 to +1000   +1800 to +1200   +1300 to +1000   +1400 to N/C 
Milwaukee Brewers   +1200 to +1100   +1500 to +2600   +1100 to +1250   +1000 to N/C 
Washington Nationals  +550 to +600   +450 to +550   +575 to +550   +500 to N/C 
Los Angeles Dodgers  +480 to +500   +500 to +400   +480 to +525   +400 to N/C 
Chicago Cubs  +450 to +500 
 +350 to +500   +475 to +550   +400 to N/C 
San Francisco Giants   +1700 to +2000   +1500 to +2500   +1400 to +2200   +1600 to N/C 
San Diego Padres  +12.5K to N/C   +9000 to +12.5K   +25K to +12.5K   +20K to N/C 
Miami Marlins  +40K to 25K  +9000 to +35K   +35K to +40K   +30K to N/C 
Cincinnati Reds  +40K to +25K  +9000 to +20K   +35K to +40K   +20K to N/C 

2018 MLB NLCS Odds Movement Updates

American League Championship 2018 Futures Lines

Though red-hot, Boston hasn’t really separated much from the Junior Circuit field as the Red Sox are just 2.5 games ahead of the Angels in the overall standings. Scoring in bunches, the Blue Jays are on an 8-2 roll and have moved one game ahead of defending World Series Champion Houston. The Astros are one up on Minnesota and 1.5 games ahead of Seattle and Cleveland who round out the top seven. Whether the Jays, Twins and Mariners stay in the race remains to be seen and the Indians haven’t played up to their potential early on.

Mediocre out of the gate, the Bronx Bombers are 6.5 games behind Boston and 3.5 behind Toronto overall and in the AL East. The Yankees have only played twice in the last five days as weather wiped out three of their four games against the Tigers in Detroit.  Toronto and New York Yankees begin a four game series on 19/04/18 and then head home for three versus Boston. That seven game stretch which could shake up the standings considerably. You can put a fork in any AL squads not listed above as they are already facing huge division deficits.

Odds Table Placement: Teams are listed by the current American League standings.

MLB Junior Circuit Title Odds Update: 2:00 PM ET 19/04/18 Shaded Green: Best Prices!

American League Odds 
Boston Red Sox   +333 to +290  
 +400 to N/C   +350 to +300   +400 to N/C 
Los Angeles Angels  +500 to +550   +600 to +550   +550 to +520   +700 to +600 
Toronto Blue Jays   +1000 to +700   +1500 to +1200   +800 to N/C   +1100 to N/C 
Houston Astros  +300 to +290   +290 to +325   +300 to N/C   +275 to N/C 
Minnesota Twins   +1200 to +1100   +1500 to +1000   +1150 to +1200   +1800 to N/C 
Seattle Mariners   +1500 to +2000   +2800 to +2500   +1600 to +1800   +2500 to +2000 
Cleveland Indians  +600 to +500 
 +450 to +550   +575 to +600   +450 to N/C 
New York Yankees  +360 to +350   +400 to N/C   +360 to +380   +350 to N/C 
Oakland Athletic
 +7900 to +10K  +12.5K to N/C   +8000 to +10K   +8000 to N/C 
Detroit Tigers
 +15K to +12.5K   +15K to +20K   +12.5K to N/C   +20K to N/C 
Texas Rangers  +10K to N/C   +12.5K to N/C   +10K to N/C   +6600 to N/C 
Chicago White Sox   +12.5K to +8000   +10K to +8000  +12.5K to +15K   +10K to N/C 
Tampa Bay Rays  +12.5K to +12.5  +12.5K to N/C   +10K to +15K   +8000 to N/C 
Baltimore Orioles  +10K to N/C   +8500 to +12.5K   +8000 to +12.5K   +5000 to N/C 
Kansas City Royals  +15K to +20K  +12.5K to +20K   +12.5K to 17.5K  +8000 to N/C 

2018 MLB ALCS Odds Movement Updates

LIVE Major League Baseball Betting Lines

Needing to know, to get in on the dough, our MLB Live Odds widget is always up to date the latest MLB lines. Furnished by the best bookmakers in the online wagering world, it’s easy to shop for the sharpest prices during the regular season and throughout the race to the World Series. Odds for each game of the Fall Classic are updated in real time until the 2018 MLB Champion is crowned.

Results / FixturesMLB - Regular

Major League Baseball Futures Bets Explained

Forecasting how teams will fair over a 162 game MLB regular season can be challenging. That said, if we look at World Series futures bets the same as an in-season match, some valuable information can be gleamed. Like backing a hot point-guard in the NBA, a strong goaltender in the NHL, or a G.O.A.T. quarterback in the NFL, baseball betting should begin with pitching. That includes starters and relievers as studs consistently working strong innings won’t get a team very far if the bullpen is always imploding. The Giants and White Sox were familiar with that pitfall during the 2016 season.

Beyond that, a bump that’s stacked with All-Stars isn’t enough if a team can’t push runs across the plate so selecting a squad with solid sticks is also important. From there, looking over the season long schedule, researching the division and league teams play in, plus the projected Win Total prop numbers at respected bookmakers, can help with the decision making process. Once the selections are made, head over to one of these CSB recommended sportsbooks to place your wager quickly and securely. We will back with our MLB Championship futures predictions prior to Opening Day. 

2017 MLB Fall Classic Futures Odds Movement

2017 American League Futures Line Movement

2017 National League Futures Line Movement

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