MLB AL West Scores And Standings

You can also see if Seattle and/or Houston has begun to make their climb up the MLB AL West standings yet by looking below. It list the current standings within the division and is a solid tool for handicappers to be aware of each day.


Bet On MLB AL West Games

The AL West doesn't always get the full exposure they deserve because of mainstream media's “West Coast bias.” The five teams in this division were largely thought of in passing during nightly highlight shows etc, until Mike Trout showed up in an Angels uniform in 2011. Trout has become one of the faces of MLB since his arrival, and the level of his success typically determines how good the L.A Angels are each year.

The Angels are arguably the most popular team in the AL West because of Trout (and the city they play in), but management has really struggled putting numerous quality players around their franchise star. L.A was able to bring in Albert Pujols to begin that process, but Pujols is at the tail end of his career. Besides that, it's been a revolving door of puzzle pieces trying to fit in place on the Angels roster. The team did win the division in 2014, but they were promptly swept out of the ALDS.

Betting-wise, you know that the Oakland Athletics will always be out there looking to build an analytically-based team on the cheap, and the Texas Rangers prefer to have sluggers littered throughout their lineup to take advantage of their hitter's ballpark.

However, it's the Astros and Mariners that bettors should be ready and willing to get behind in the coming years. These two franchises have slowly been putting talented, young rosters together and hope that they'll experience increased levels of success as they grow. Bettors should not be surprised to see Seattle and Houston trading AL West titles back and forth until the early 2020's.