MLB AL Central Scores And Standings

This division hasn't had the diversity that others in the AL have experienced in recent years, but part of that is because many of these Central teams have not lived up to expectations. View this year's MLB AL Central standings below.


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Kansas City's success in 2015 was the culmination of years of rebuilding for the organization. The Royals had many lean years in the early and late 2000's, but used all those high draft picks they earned to grab tremendous talent and develop it within their system. The emphasis the Royals put on the back end of their bullpen is a tactic that's trying to be copied my many other teams in MLB, but it remains to be seen just how wide spread that strategy is implemented.

Detroit, Minnesota, Chicago, and Cleveland are the ones who see the most of the Royals and they'd all love to knock KC off it's perch. All four of these teams are built a little differently and that makes for some interesting handicapping thoughts in AL Central games. Bettors have to really dig deep to uncover an edge and determine what style will win in a given matchup.

Generally speaking, this division is also the one most affected by weather in the American League. Cold temperatures early on and late in the season rip through these cities, and wind blowing out or in is another thing bettors have to be aware of with these teams. Knowing that the ball will either fly out of the yard with ease or barely leave the infield is a critical piece of information totals bettors look for each day.

Like the Royals, Chicago, Cleveland, and Minnesota have all gone through some tough years recently. It will be interesting to see if those franchises can follow the blueprint KC laid out and find more success in the AL Central in the near future.