MLB American League Betting Lines

Thrilling fans for over a century should grant any sports league a Senior status. That’s not the case with MLB American League betting lines though as they are still a “Junior” to the National League odds. Established a quarter century after the NL, the Western Baseball League morphed into the American League when it was formed with eight teams in 1901. To level the AL and NL, at 15 squads a side, the Houston Astros moved from the NL Central to the AL West in 2013.

MLB American League Scores And Standings

Compared to the NBA, NFL and NHL North American “Big Four” sports, the pace of play is slower when the Boys of Summer hit the playing field. That said, the action is always running hot as scores and standings change fast during the 162 game MLB American League regular season race. In-play match results are updated in real time above and our AL/NL rankings table is always current below. 


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Home to some of the greatest hitters in history, legends like Ted Williams and Babe Ruth come to mind, the American League (AL) has always been known more for their batting than pitching. That reputation was bolstered when the AL adopted the Designated Hitter rule back in 1973. From 1901 to 1972, the National League held a 33-29-10 advantage for overall season batting average. From 1973 to 2016, the Junior circuit hit better every year. Over four campaigns from 2013 to 2016, with the two leagues balanced at 15 squads each, AL teams produced 2,235 more runs than the NL did.

While those numbers are not an “end all – be all” they are worth noting when betting on American League games at a baseball sportsbook veteran like Bodog. Bettors also need to remember that the DH rule affects Interleague games as pitchers from both teams bat in National League parks and the NL adds a DH to the lineup during trips to American League sites. Those rules stay in place once the World Series begins which should give the AL some extra incentive to post a better regular season mark. That is due to Home Field advantage no longer being decided during the Midsummer Classic.

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Speaking of the MLB All-Star Game, the overall record in that American League vs National League duel was spilt almost evenly over the first 87 contests as the NL holds a 43-42-2 mark through the 2016 match. The end of that run was lopsided though and CSB top rated sportsbooks paid out a lot of dough to AL backers as the Junior Circuit went 16-3-1 from 1997 to 2016. The AL outscored the NL by a 96-72 margin during those 20 contests. That’s definitely food for handicapping thought once the MLB Midsummer Classic takes center stage during the second week of July each season.

Regardless of the league bettors wager on, there’s no denying that online bookmakers give Canuck ‘Cappers an edge over the house favouring out-dated options served up by Provincial Sports Lottery groups. That debate can be started and ended by simply stating that online sportsbooks allow single game bets on baseball action everyday – while the lottery schemes do not. From MLB futures bets, to Spring Training contests and the 162-game regular season schedule, plus four rounds of thrilling playoff battles, offshore betting houses always give hardball bettors more bang for their buck. Our CSB recommended list below presents some of the best baseball wagering websites on the planet.