MLB All-Star Game Betting Lines

There is no tying in baseball! That was a cry after the 2002 MLB All-Star Game was halted prior to the twelfth inning with the score tied at 7-7. Causing quite a stir, then Commissioner Bud Selig convinced MLB Owners that the winning Midsummer Classic side should be awarded home field advantage during the World Series. Some loved it – many despised it. That format lasted until 2016 before being cast aside and the All-Star Game returned to exhibition status.

Major League Baseball Odds

Each season, near the middle of July, the Boys of Summer take a break for the MLB All-Star Game. Exciting betting action doesn’t pause though as top online sportsbooks post a mix of team and individual player prop bets on the Midsummer Classic events – like the rocket launching Home Run Derby. Once the season resumes, our LIVE odds feed runs right through to the MLB World Series.

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Away Score Home Money Line
Friday 14 July
Chicago Cubs 19:05 Baltimore Orioles
St. Louis Cardinals 19:05 Pittsburgh Pirates
Los Angeles Dodgers 19:10 Miami Marlins
New York Yankees 19:10 Boston Red Sox
Montreal Expos 19:10 Cincinnati Reds
Toronto Blue Jays 19:10 Detroit Tigers
Colorado Rockies 19:10 New York Mets
Diamondbacks 19:35 Atlanta Braves
Minnesota Twins 20:10 Houston Astros
Seattle Mariners 20:10 Chicago White Sox
Phillies 20:10 Milwaukee Brewers
Texas Rangers 20:15 Kansas City Royals
Cleveland Indians 22:05 Oakland Athletics
Tampa Bay Rays 22:07 Los Angeles Angels
Giants 22:10 San Diego Padres
Saturday 15 July
New York Yankees 16:05 Boston Red Sox
Toronto Blue Jays 18:10 Detroit Tigers
St. Louis Cardinals 19:05 Pittsburgh Pirates
Chicago Cubs 19:05 Baltimore Orioles
Seattle Mariners 19:10 Chicago White Sox
Minnesota Twins 19:10 Houston Astros
Los Angeles Dodgers 19:10 Miami Marlins
Diamondbacks 19:10 Atlanta Braves
Colorado Rockies 19:10 New York Mets
Phillies 19:10 Milwaukee Brewers
Montreal Expos 19:10 Cincinnati Reds
Texas Rangers 19:15 Kansas City Royals
Giants 20:40 San Diego Padres
Cleveland Indians 21:05 Oakland Athletics
Tampa Bay Rays 21:07 Los Angeles Angels
Sunday 16 July
New York Yankees 13:05 Boston Red Sox
Los Angeles Dodgers 13:10 Miami Marlins
Colorado Rockies 13:10 New York Mets
Toronto Blue Jays 13:10 Detroit Tigers
Montreal Expos 13:10 Cincinnati Reds
Chicago Cubs 13:35 Baltimore Orioles
Diamondbacks 13:35 Atlanta Braves
St. Louis Cardinals 13:35 Pittsburgh Pirates
Minnesota Twins 14:10 Houston Astros
Phillies 14:10 Milwaukee Brewers
Seattle Mariners 14:10 Chicago White Sox
Texas Rangers 14:15 Kansas City Royals
Tampa Bay Rays 15:37 Los Angeles Angels
Cleveland Indians 16:05 Oakland Athletics
Giants 16:40 San Diego Padres
New York Yankees 20:05 Boston Red Sox

All-Star Game and World Series Home Field Advantage

Understanding both sides of the debate - it is a little disappointing that the MLB All-Star Game has returned to being just another romp in the corporate exhibition sack. After all, prior to 2003, home field for the Fall Classic alternated between the National and American League cities. Even though it was a decades old tradition, and better than the pre-1923 coin flip if Game Seven was needed, it never really made sense. Spicing up the battle of baseball’s best elevated the MLB into a league of their own as the NHL, NFL and NBA contests are generally just a bunch of millionaires goofing off. 

On top of that, the winners didn’t dominate the World Series showdowns as the American League was 11-3 on All-Star Tuesday but the National League posted an 8-6 mark over 14 corresponding Fall Classics. On the silver lining side, home field advantage in the World Series now goes to the Pennant winning squad with the best regular season record – which is a good thing. Plus, the Boys of Summer are a competitive bunch and since baseball is largely a non-contact sport – the clashes will remain competitive. Research the rosters of both squads and wager on this contest accordingly.

Best MLB All-Star Game Props and Online Sportsbooks

We have heard chicks dig the long ball, but there is also plenty to dig during the two night All-Star celebration that is launched with moon shot blasts during the Home Run Derby on Monday prior to the game itself on Tuesday. Canada Sports Betting recommended sportsbooks, Bet365 is a baseball wagering hit, post a variety of prop odds during both events. Over/Under lines on home runs hit per player, plus round-by-round and the Home Run Derby Champion prices are popular long-ball props. The Derby winner by position, often a first basemen or designated hitter, and the league they play in, the AL is usually chalk, are also hot tickets. Don’t sink your bankroll float on Monday though.

A river of prop betting action continues to flow during the AL vs NL match. Offers like All-Star MVP or total hits/walks/runs per team, and individual players options, such as strikeouts for pitchers and hits for players, are plentiful. Of course, standard money line, game total and run line options are also prominently posted. This is a good time to take a super close look at preseason World Series futures tickets as there may be investment upgrades or hedges that can be made. The bookmakers listed below are the best in the hardball betting industry. In addition to providing a simple, safe and exciting handicapping experience – they are also competing for bettor’s business. That includes price line battles and offering valuable player bonus rewards throughout the seven month-MLB season.