Betting On Baseball

From April to October sports fans follow the ups and downs of Major League Baseball as they have for almost a century and a half. “The Boys of Summer” have played a leading role in the North American sporting conversation since the first teams answered the call of “play ball!” Fans of the action and betting lines love baseball for its seemingly endless array of statistics and situations that can all come into play when making their wagers.

Baseball Betting Offers

Sportsbooks are an easy and convenient way for baseball fans to get in on the wagering action. One benefit to these sites is the bonuses on offer for baseball bets that give their members some extra cash for their wagers. Click on the links below to find the right sign up bonus for you. 

How To Win Baseball Bets

Over the course of a 162 game season the cream will usually rise to the top, but there are always isolated scenarios that can change certain odds from day to day. Whether it’s a matchup between divisional rivals, a dominant pitcher whose performances have outshone the rest of his last place club, or a dominant slugger who finds himself in a slump at the plate are all factors to think about when making your wagering research. 

Sportsbooks will usually use money lines when providing odds the betting MLB fan. For example if the St. Louis Cardinals are favourites against the San Diego Padres, the Cardinals will have a negative line and the Padres will have a positive one. If St. Louis is at -175 and San Diego is at +175, you would have to put $175 down on the Cards to win $100 and $100 on the Padres to win $175. It’s all a case of higher the risk, higher the reward. 

Major League Baseball is a game of statistics as much as a game of wins and loses with a plethora of numbers and percentages to explain every game situation. These averages and totals help provide a variety of prop bets for those bettors who look for more than just the final result. What inning will the starting pitcher will be pulled, will somebody will steal a base or will someone will hit for the cycle are just some of the opportunities to get in on the action during  the MLB Season.