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There is nothing like NFL. The high-octane game is extremely popular in North America and has plenty of fans overseas. The league features 17 weeks where 32 teams play 16 regular season games culminating in single-elimination playoffs that lead to the Super Bowl, the biggest professional sporting event. Bettors love betting the NFL because it offers unbelievable ways to bet. If you can imagine it, you can bet it.

NFL Matchups 2018-19

NFL 2018/19 Schedule Breakdown

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The NFL remains the most popular league in North America for a good reason: every game counts and the league's parity is unmatched. Through 17 weeks and 16 games, nearly every game will be worth viewing. But here are some of the games every fan can't afford to miss:

Week 2: Giants at Cowboys 

When: September 16, 8:20 PM ET on TSN/CTV

The 112th meeting between the Giants and Cowboys pits two evenly matched teams hunting for a playoff spot. Both teams have re-tooled during the offseason with the Giants adding running back prodigy in Saquon Barkley and the Cowboys bolstered their o-line. Expect some fireworks for this one.

Week 3: Chargers at Rams

When: September 23, 4:05 PM ET on TSN/CTV

The Battle of L.A. pits the overhyped Rams against the underrated Chargers. The Rams are a Super Bowl favourite thanks to adding Pro Bowl players like Aqib Talib and Ndamokung Suh. The Chargers still have the better quarterback in Philip Rivers and added centre Mike Pouncey. This has the makings of an upset.    

Week 6: Chiefs at Patriots

When: October 11, 8:20 PM ET on TSN/CTV

This will be the fourth time in five years the two teams meet and KC holds the 2-1 edge with both wins coming in the regular season. Andy Reid's boys seem to have Bill Belichick and Tom Brady's numbers but they'll need new QB Patrick Mahomes to be up to the task. Can they make it three straight in the regular season? 

Week 8: Eagles at Jaguars (Wembley Stadium)

When: October 28, 9:30 AM ET on TSN/CTV

This is the best matchup (on paper) to date in the NFL's London series. The Super Bowl champions are in the middle of defending their title going up against the greatly improved Jaguars. It's a battle between the NFL's most dynamic offence with the Eagles and the most prolific defence with the Jaguars. Wake up early for this.

Week 8: Saints at Vikings

When: October 28, 8:20 PM ET on TSN/CTV

A rematch of last season's unforgettable showdown in the divisional playoffs is a no-brainer. The Vikings got by thanks to a colossal screw-up in a game the Saints were controlling. Both teams have stellar defences and with the addition of Kirk Cousins to Minnesota, both teams now also have gunslinging quarterbacks. This could even be better. 

Week 9: Packers at Patriots

When: November 4 at 8:20 PM ET on TSN/CTV

This is the last time we get to see Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers duke it out unless they meet in the Super Bowl, of course. Last time they met back in 2014, it was A-Rod's Packers who won in Lambeau. Brady's bunch will look to even the score in Foxborough. This might be the best quarterback duel you'll see all year.

Week 12: Redskins at Cowboys

When: November 22, 4:30 PM ET on TSN/CTV

Happy Thanksgiving Day! An old school rivalry between the Redskins and Cowboys could get even tastier if at least one of the two are in playoff contention. The Redskins made headlines by swapping signal-caller Kirk Cousins for ol' reliable Alex Smith. The Cowboys' upgrades plus a full season with RB Ezekiel Elliott should mean a better record. 

Week 15: Patriots at Steelers

When: December 16, 4:25 PM ET on TSN/CTV

Steelers fans have had this date circled on their calendars since the schedule was announced. It's still fresh in everyone's minds how the Pats "robbed" them off a win in their own turf. That was Pittsburgh's only loss in 11 games and they never recovered getting upset by Jacksonville in the playoffs while New England returned to the Super Bowl. Will Pittsburgh finally exact revenge?

Week 15: Eagles at Rams

When: December 16, 8:20 PM ET on TSN/CTV

There are so many storylines here: the Wentz-Goff rivalry, Wentz's revenge game for getting injured, or the Rams getting this game back after narrowly losing last season. But regardless of the narrative, this is a clash between the two best teams in the NFC. This will be another high-scoring affair with plenty of back-and-forths. Don't miss it.

The Entire Week 17

When: December 30, 1:00 PM ET to 4:05 PM on TSN/CTV (Select Games)

Seriously. This week features nothing but divisional matchups, which could mean plenty of games that decide the playoff picture like last season when Buffalo clinched thanks to Cincinnati upsetting Baltimore. With how competitive several divisions are like the NFC South and AFC West, this is football at its best.