The UK to ban gambling sponsorship on soccer tops
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The UK to ban gambling sponsorship on soccer tops

In a move that's been discussed for quite some time now, it's been revealed that the English Premier League and its soccer clubs will have a bit of a shake-up when it comes to sponsorships for its soccer kits. That's right, the UK to ban gambling sponsorship on soccer tops decision is in, with clubs no longer allowed to don betting companies on their shirts. What led to this monstrous decision? 

Why is the UK banning gambling sponsorships for teams' soccer jerseys? 

The question is being asked all over the world and by football fans everywhere: Why is the UK banning gambling sponsorships for teams' soccer jerseys? Per multiple reports, the increasing growth of gambling addiction in the UK has become a growing concern of the government. They are seeing countless men and women have troubles with their gambling, and want to rid the sponsorships as soon as possible. 

With that said, this will have a massive impact on clubs both in the English Premier League and in the Championship. That's because teams from both divisions are paid millions and millions of pounds each year by the gambling companies to rock their logos on their shirts. This is a massive advertisement for those gambling companies, especially when games are televised to a national and international audience. 

Now, the soccer teams in the UK will need to find different advertisements to don on the front of their shirts. This ban has been in the works for a bit of a while, as we mentioned above, with the government really pressing things over the last year. This news would be the biggest change since it was announced that tobacco companies would also be banned from advertising years ago. 

Which English Premier League clubs will be impacted by the gambling ban on soccer tops?

Another question we're sure you're asking yourself is which English Premier League clubs will be impacted by the gambling ban on soccer tops? Well, during the 2020-21 season, eight of the 20 teams in the English Premier League have gambling sponsorships. This is a mind-blowing 40 percent of the entire league. This alone tells you just how much of an influence these companies have on the sport. 

These contracts aren't cheap and the numbers are downright head-turning. For example, West Ham United reportedly has a deal with Betway that is for £10 million a year. That amount is surely nothing to sneeze at. In addition to that, Leeds United has a contract with SBOTOP for a little under £8 million a year. Elsewhere, Newcastle and Fun88's deal is £7.5m per season. 

Now, these teams will have to look at other partnerships in the future to try and make up for the money they'll be losing once the ban takes place. For a club like West Ham United, £10 million is a big chunk. This isn't a club like Manchester United, Manchester City or Liverpool that has millions and millions out there. Having to make up this kind of dough could prove to be a challenge for the higher-ups. 

At the same time, the UK government is serious about doing everything possible to try and reduce the high number of gambling addictions. In addition to West Ham United, Leeds United and Newcastle, other clubs with gambling sponsorships in the Premier League are Burnley, Fulham, Southampton, Crystal Palace and Wolves. All eight teams will have to find new partners to work with in the future, which is easier said than done. 

Several Championship clubs will also feel the pain from the gambling ban

While a ton of the attention will be going to the Premier League teams, don't forget that several Championship clubs will also feel the pain from the gambling ban. Last season, 16 of the 24 teams in the Championship had a sponsorship deal with a gambling company. That's 2/3 of the entire league! It goes without saying, but these organizations will also have negative financial issues once the ban is in place. 

While the focus of this piece has been on soccer clubs, it's not only soccer teams who will be facing this ban as well. The UK government wants gambling sponsorships cleared across the board. That would mean that sports like darts, boxing and others would also be subject to the ban. That means no clear gambling advertisement anywhere. 

In boxing alone, this would be a massive blow in the UK for boxing companies and their partners. While that may be the case, again, gambling addiction is nothing to mess around with and it's time for a change to be made to help those out who suffer. The government will be sending quite the message once this ban indeed goes into a full go, as millions will be at stake here. 

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