Floyd Mayweather vs Tenshin Nasukawa odds

Floyd Mayweather vs Tenshin Nasukawa odds

Mayweather (-260) starts as a significant favourite against Nasukawa (+200) as the boxer has an undeniable boxing advantage over the kickboxer. Nasukawa is smaller but faster and has powerful hands. He will present another unique challenge for Mayweather, but so long as it is a boxing fight, he holds all the cards.

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Mayweather opens as a decided favourite over Nasukawa, but not by too much given the disparity in their boxing experience. Nasukawa is younger and will be faster, but Mayweather is also significantly bigger and far more seasoned.




-260 Odds +200
United States Country Japan






 27 KOs  20
41 Age 20
5'8" Height 5'4"
150 lbs. Weight 135 lbs.
Orthodox Stance Southpaw
72" Reach N/A

Oddsmakers were cautious in opening this fight as Nasukawa is relatively unknown and is dangerous. He has ended numerous fights with his fists including body shots and hooks. Nasukawa could also be the fastest opponent to challenge Mayweather. What he lacks for in size, he more than makes up for this way.

But as good as Nasukawa is with his fists, a lot of that comes from fighting in kickboxing or MMA. When he won't have the use of his other extremities, it could limit what he could do. He won't be able to sling spinning back fists or elbows and won't find it as easy to hit Mayweather as he does with other kickboxers.

Mayweather absorbed plenty of damage when he fought Conor McGregor, another non-boxer who was a southpaw. But a lot of that was because he chose to extend the fight and tire the inexperienced Irishman. Nasukawa won't tire as easily, but he could be at wits' end when he exhausts his arsenal.

Nasukawa is a tough opponent regardless of his inexperience and limited skillset as a boxer. But Mayweather wouldn't have taken this fight if he didn't think the odds were in his favour. He and Nasukawa will put on a show with Nasukawa winning a few rounds. But it's still Mayweather's show. 

Prediction: It isn't crazy to imagine the young kickboxer shocking the world and becoming the first fighter to defeat Mayweather. He is fast, hits hard, and much younger. But stronger and more experienced boxers have all tried and failed to finish Mayweather. He will take Nasukawa's best blows and outbox him down the stretch to win a clear-cut decision.

Our Record: 20-11  

Floyd Mayweather Jr. To Beat Tenshin Nasukawa Odds
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Boxing Odds: Mayweather vs Nasukawa Trends & Tidbits

Unsurprisingly, lots of bets have come in for Mayweather in huge amounts. But there has also been some support for Nasukawa preventing Mayweather's line from plummeting into an unbettable territory. Expect more line movement the closer it gets to New Year's Eve.

  • Mayweather opened at -260 and his line has been bet down by (n) since
  • Nasukawa opened at +200 and his line has been bet up by (n) since
  • Mayweather is 10-0 against southpaws
  • Six of Nasukawa's 20 knockouts were via punches
  • Fights went to a decision in seven of Mayweather's last eight bouts

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