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Four McGregor Mayweather Props to Consider

Four McGregor Mayweather Props to Consider

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor: The Props

A major combat sports crossover is rare and when the greatest boxer of his time, Floyd Mayweather Jr., faces the UFC's biggest superstar, Conor McGregor in a boxing fight, it is one to pay attention to. Thanks to the World Tour, there has been plenty of betting on both. What makes this exciting is how the fight ends. A McGregor knockout is a dream but a Floyd knockout is expected...

As the two megastars continue to tour the globe, online betting sites brace themselves as flocks of gamblers - both new and old - throw money in hopes of cashing in big. Wherever McGregor goes, so do all his fans. But betting on the winning fighter is just a small piece of online betting.

There are other methods in profiting and taking a good look at propositions or "props" is a good start. This is a side bet you make where you can increase your payout by picking how and when the fight ends. For the Mayweather-McGregor props, there are 60 you can bet and maybe even more.

You can bet when either fighter wins (between which rounds or a specific round), how they win (TKO/KO or DQ, or Decision), or bet neutrally on whether the fight ends by decision or not. The totals or over/under of rounds is also adjustable starting from 6.5 rounds to 10.5. The arbitrary nature of some of the scenarios lead to big payouts while some more predictable ones may be heavy favourites. 

Mayweather wins by TKO/KO or DQ (-145)

The five-division world champion is widely noted as the best defensive boxer in history but he's still capable of knocking out opponents should he see an opportunity. Mayweather's last knockout came in controversial fashion when he sucker punched Victor Ortiz back in 2011.

But the skill and experience disparity cannot be ignored. McGregor will have moments but Mayweather will solve him and piece him up until either McGregor or his corner decides to give up the fight. This is an alternative bet to make if betting Mayweather straight is too steep.

Mayweather wins in round 4-6 (+447)

Taking it a step further, betting on when Mayweather finishes McGregor is a solid gamble. Mayweather has a trend in his fights: he takes the first rounds: three to four to "feel out" his opponents and makes them expend energy and then takes over.

With the inexperienced McGregor, Mayweather may take a shorter time to find his openings and within the first two or three rounds he could have the Irishman figured out. Mayweather will then pick him apart and put a beating that McGregor may not see the seventh round.

Fight ends in round 4-6 (+332)

This is the safer version of the bet above and surprising how big the return is given the likelihood the fight gets called off halfway through the match after Mayweather has put a thorough beating on the inexperienced McGregor. The Irishman is as tough as they come but has "quit" in the past and his corner could throw in the towel once he's had enough. If Conor is to win, it'll likely be a flash knockout and before he tires so it'll be early: within the first six rounds at least. 

McGregor wins by TKO/KO or DQ (+475)

If you're siding with McGregor, this is a good side bet to make. He is the epitome of "puncher's chance" in this bout. The two-division UFC champion has no professional boxing experience and was outboxed by Nate Diaz but brings something never before seen.

Having no pro experience has a benefit: McGregor's style will be unorthodox, he'll take more risks, and he'll get creative. It's like sparring with the new guy at the gym: you never know what they're going to do. Mayweather has an iron chin but he is still human. 

Winning at Prop Betting

One does not simply win at prop betting. While some gut feels can make you feel like a modern day Nostradamus, you'll likely keep losing if that's simply what you're going off on. Some info based on stats, research, and info not known to most of the public, you'll be nailing props at a profitable rate. Props are also a good tool for hedging especially in either/or fights. But as they say, "anything can happen" especially when McGregor is involved. Ease up on the juice.

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