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Can 50 Cent Convince Floyd Mayweather to Comeback?

Can 50 Cent Convince Floyd Mayweather to Comeback?

Hardly anyone would be surprised if Mayweather pulled off an impromptu press conference and announced his decision to make a comeback. Nearly every boxer or fighter have returned on numerous occasions after they took their retirement.

In Mayweather's case, he's still unbeaten at 50-0 and has taken little damage throughout his career. A comeback is only a matter of "when" and 50 Cent wants to expedite this process.

“Now they show up with this [Ricardo] Lopez record. I'm gonna get Floyd to fight again, but I'm gonna need time. We need one more."

50 Cent has a point. Fans and media alike will find ways to indirectly take jabs at Mayweather and get him to come back or just to make a point. Mayweather had long established himself as "TBE" (The Best Ever). After he defeated the likes of Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, and Juan Manuel Marquez, there was little left to do. A megafight with Pacquiao further solidified his claim. But in this news of Ricardo Lopez's 51-0 record, Mayweather might have a new goal in mind.

Mayweather vs Ricardo Lopez

Who is Ricardo Lopez?

Mayweather already believed and was considered to be, the best fighter of his time and maybe of all time. His legacy is intact. Ricardo Lopez, on the other hand, is largely unknown.

Nicknamed "El Finito" (The Refined), Lopez had a boxing record of 51-0-1, his only blemish, a draw he immediately rectified. The Mexican boxer is a two-weight world champion but most impressively defended his strawweight title a record 21 times. 

Lopez is not known to most due to his weight class. The strawweight and junior flyweight divisions receive little publicity or attention even today. But for a man his size, Lopez had 38 T/KOs in his 51 fights including a definitive KO for his last fight against Zolani Petelo. But when mainly speaking from a numbers perspective, Lopez does hold the advantages over Mayweather. 

Mayweather only takes fights he knows he will win.

Should he attempt another comeback, it will likely be against a fighter who is around his age or way below his skill level, like McGregor. 50 Cent is a close friend and occasional rival to Mayweather and has savvy business acumen as well. The former best-selling hip-hop artist knows a thing or two about stirring controversy and making money out of it. 

If there's a fight for Mayweather, it will happen.

Leave it to The Money Team, and 50 Cent to strike gold.

Why Fighters Always Comeback

Here's a shocker: it all comes down to money. It's prizefighting.

Boxing can be a long-term deal or a one-and-done deal. Either way, boxers come back because they love it and because they get paid. Unlike tennis or gymnastics, individual sports with a set schedule that requires constant peak performance in a "season", boxers can step in and out of the ring seemingly as they please. The highest risk they face is the damage they incur in fights and elusive fighters like Mayweather and Jones extend their careers further.

Money can't buy happiness and it certainly doesn't always motivate. So sometimes, boxers had an additional motivation: personal reasons. Roy Jones said in a The Ring interview, he was "addicted to competition" and was "appreciative of things". At 48, Jones most recently competed - in a circus fight of his own, no less - against popular street fighter Bobby Gunn. And someone even older, George Foreman teased his own comeback against former TV star and martial artist Steven Seagal. 

Boxers are a proud bunch and especially for men of Mayweather's caliber who have monopolized the sport. In a way, they have a sense of responsibility to the fans.

Mayweather cited the fans as one of the reasons why he fought McGregor. He wanted to "put on a show" (and pocket the second-biggest payday of his career).

Coming back to beat an unknown fighter's record doesn't seem good enough to motivate Mayweather but they don't really need a good reason. Just a good one to sell a fight.

Whenever Mayweather fights, people know. The man is an eyeball magnet.

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