Ranking the top social media accounts in the NBA
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Ranking the top social media accounts in the NBA

We went on a hunt for the most entertaining tweeters in the game. The NBA boasts a host of great characters, providing us with epic selfies, palpable hilarity and sheer randomness as we trawl through our feed.

The NBA generated a total social value of more than $13.7 billion and created a record of $1.1 billion in value for its associated brands and partners. When compared with the second-place NFL producing $343 million, the difference is staggering.

From Teams to Tipsters, we’ll be covering it all. So let’s start to chop this up.


Although it’s mostly the content creators in the team's marketing teams who create the viral content we love so much, we must commend teams for their consistently quality content. Several social media squads have entertained us, and we want to give them the spotlight they deserve.



They may not be the Kings of the NBA, but they are the Kings of the NBA twitter game. Timely, well-curated content for their fanbase to interact with what Sacramento is about. Props to their marketing team, as these lots don’t miss a beat.



The jokers of the NBA social media world. Funny tweets, respond to videos while keeping up with the pace of everything that’s happening in the Twitter NBA world. Philadelphia is pumping out hot content all day, which is no surprise as they have some of the most prominent characters in the NBA on their roster. The 76ers team account, and player accounts, are famed for posting the number "50" in pizza emojis to promote the Papa Johns 50% off deal, which is valid after they win.    



Although they may not be producing the side-splitting content we’ve seen from our first two teams, the reigning NBA champions are on the pulse. #WeTheNorth has created a cult following among fans and Canadians alike. The language they use in their posts, coupled with great compilations on an almost daily basis, has made the Raptors one of our go-to accounts.



For us NBA fans, we need a source of information for tips and insider information we don’t get from news sites and journalists. We put together the best in the game.



DonBestSports’ Twitter handle reads, “Don Best Sports is the BEST source for all your sports betting information,” and we can get on board with that notion. Catering from first-time bettors to the experienced gambler, the account provides valuable tips that are relatable to all their followers.



If you browse the internet looking for NBA news, there’s no doubt you’ll have skimmed through John Schuhmann’s work. He’s working as an advanced stats writer for NBA.com, producing the power rankings updates every week. You’ll find yourself scrolling through stats, team updates and short clips that are dissected in fine detail from plays you just watched.



Adrian Wojnarowski, otherwise known as “woj,” is a columnist, reporter and author. The fact he works for ESPN as a Senior NBA Insider means you’ll find his feed filled with the very latest and greatest news. He also produces podcasts, hosting many former and current NBA players.



With so many NBA stars active on social media, it’s easy to keep up to date with what our favourite players are doing. Some are far more interesting than others, so for the very best, we have narrowed this down to just three. 



I mean, we’re talking about the man who came up with #RaiseTheCat - he was always going to make it into the top three. The Australian regularly posts on his page with a range of content. He’s certainly a character in the NBA, and as he continues to turn it up in the league, we can expect to see more of this quirky, eccentric character.



For a teetotaler, it’s incredible how Joel Embiid gets so much energy and enthusiasm. He’s known for his playful disposition and serial-trolling on social media. The Cameroonian decided to nickname himself “The Process,” much to the amusement of many, he was met with laughter and criticism by fans and commentators. But true to his character, Embiid embraced it all and remained “The Process.”



Kanter is full of Banter on Twitter. The Swiss-Turkish Center is a master of trolling on social media. A great example was when Russell Westbrook left the OC Thunder for the Rockets, which was met with an expertly timed roasting. Enes Kanter does a lot for the community and city of Boston, which he regularly documents on his page.



The NBA is one of the most popular sports leagues around, and because of that, sports fans have an array of Journalists to follow for the latest updates on all things basketball. 



Shams Charania has been a part of the NBA circuit for the best part of a decade. Now working for The Athletic, Charania is the guy for the most up-to-date news regarding anything NBA. If you’re following Shams, you’ll find your feed is full of injury updates, trade news; you name it. This man’s Twitter game is without peer.



Michael Scotto is also an NBA staff writer for The Athletic, who’s been reporting on the league for eight years. Scotto has been working out of New York for most of his career, reporting on the Knicks and Nets for The Associated Press. Although The Empire State teams are his focus, his social media accounts also say the league as a whole.



Jason Whitlock was an aspiring NFL player competing in Division I, before turning to sports journalism. He worked for ESPN, Foxsports.com, as well as a radio personality on several stations in the Kansas City area. Currently, Jason co-hosts the daily sports show Speak for Yourself on Fox Sports 1. He commands a large following on Twitter while providing the latest sports news, interviews, as well as his rants and peeves.