Super Bowl 56 Ticket Packages On Sale
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Super Bowl 56 Ticket Packages On Sale

Always wanted to attend a Super Bowl game but didn't know how to go about purchasing tickets? Well, wonder no more. The how, where, when and why of the process of finding out about Super Bowl 56 tickets on sale is detailed in this article. The fact of the matter is that tickets to a Super Bowl might very well be the toughest get in North American sports.

Get Your Super Bowl Ticket Now

  • Super Bowl tickets are one of the most difficult acquisitions in North American sports
  • Tickets for Super Bowl 55 went for over $8,000 apiece in the secondary market
  • Options of where and how to purchase Super Bowl 56 tickets are detailed in the following story

Super Bowl Sunday is often referred to as sports betting Christmas. Wagering on the Super Bowl game is the biggest monetary bonanza in North American sports betting. Online betting sites will handle millions of dollars in wagers on the NFL's big game. Betting on the NFL is big business and for online sportsbooks, business is good.

With so many reputable online betting sites available to take action today, getting a bet down on the Super Bowl is a relatively painless process. Getting to the Super Bowl? Well, that's an entirely different matter.

Getting your hands on tickets for a Super Bowl game is among the biggest challenges in sports. You might have a better chance of holding a winning ticket for the Powerball Lottery than you'll have in getting your hands on a pair of tickets to the Super Bowl.

Well, okay, maybe the odds aren't that long. But as you try to purchase Super Bowl tickets, it will most assuredly feel that way.

Luckily for you, we're here to help. What follows is a comprehensive guide on where, when and how to purchase Super Bowl 56 tickets.

Going Through Proper Channels

The NFL offers fans an annual Super Bowl ticket lottery. It's free to enter and offers entrants the chance to win a pair of Super Bowl tickets valued at between $700-$1200 each. To enter the official NFL lottery, you simply send your request for an official entry together with your full name and address by registered mail to the following address:

  • Super Bowl Game
  • 280 Park Avenue
  • New York, NY 10017

Unfortunately, if the objective was to acquire tickets for Super Bowl 56, you've already missed the deadline. The Super Bowl lottery must be entered between February 1 and June 1 of the year preceding the game.

So, does that mean you're out of luck for this year's game? Not necessarily, especially if money is no object in the pursuit of Super Bowl tickets.

How Super Bowl Tickets Are Distributed?

Tickets to each Super Bowl game are rigidly distributed by the NFL via a traditional system that leaves the everyday football fan on the outside looking in and only being able to dream about the opportunity of attending the big game.

For starters, 35 percent of the tickets are distributed evenly among the two competing teams. The majority of these tickets go to the coaches and players, their families and team sponsors. The host city teams - in the case of Super Bowl 56 the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers - get 6.2 percent of all tickets to the game. The majority of these are sold to the host team's season ticket holders.

Each of the remaining 28 NFL teams split evenly another 33.6 percent of the Super Bowl tickets, 1.2 percent per team. Again, season ticket holders are the most likely purchasers. The remaining 25.2 percent of Super Bowl tickets go to league partners, media and sponsors. Many of these tickets are given away in promotional contests. It's a longshot that you'll win one of these contests, but as Jim Carrey famously noted in Dumb And Dumber, at least there's a chance.

On Location

The official hospitality provider of the NFL, On Location is the only site to offer access to premium tickets, exact seat locations, and all-inclusive pregame experiences.

You'd better be prepared to pay for the privilege, however. Their Super Bowl 56 packages start at $5950 and go as high as $21,200. That's for two tickets to the game, by the way.

The Secondary Market

The absolute best chance to acquire tickets to Super Bowl 56 will be through the secondary ticket market. Sites such as TicketIQ, Vivid Seats, SeatGeek and StubHub will get their hands on tickets to put them out there in the resale market.

However, these purchases won't be cheap. A Super Bowl ticket in the resale market generally goes for between $4000-$5000.

Where to Bet On The NFL?

Fortunately, getting a live betting ticket down on some NFL action is much easier than acquiring Super Bowl tickets. There are a number of leading online betting sites that will provide bettors with the chance to place a wager on the NFL, whether it be a moneyline or point spread wager, a future book bet, a parlay wager, or a player or team prop wager. The best bet you can make is to shop around in advance and seek out the right deal before joining one of these sportsbooks. Check out Sports Interaction and Bet99 as examples.

The signup bonus offers that are in place at all of these recommended sites will prove advantageous to the bettor. And since you'll get a good deal wherever you go, why not check out several sites and find the ideal fit for your needs?

Do you want a risk-free first bet as a signup bonus? Perhaps you find a no deposit bonus to be enticing. Or maybe you simply like the feel of cold, hard cash in your account and you want to go for a matching first deposit bonus. Whatever option you choose, you're already a winner.

Remember that new players and returning customers are eligible for better bonuses when they deposit using Bitcoin. As well, take advantage of the betting advice offered at these sites to help newcomers acclimatize to sports betting.

See below the top sportsbooks where you can wager online and choose the right one for you: