Best Picks for the UEFA Super Cup 2019

On August 14 at Istambul's Vodafone Park, Liverpool and Chelsea face off for the 2019 UEFA Supercup title.

Moneyline after 90 minutes odds
Liverpool 1.80
Draw 3.74
Chelsea 4.45

UEFA Super Cup 2019 Winner

Liverpool FC opens soccer odds as the UEFA Super Cup as the favourite.

Liverpool showed the world in their UEFA Champions League run they are well passed the demons that haunted them after their loss in the Champions League Finals the year before.

While Chelsea is a great team, with only one loss to Liverpool since 2016, the team Liverpool brings to the Super Cup is better than any incarnation they have faced in recent years.

Liverpool To win the 2019 UEFA Super Cup

Over/Under Pick

The over/under line on goals in the Super Cup is 2.5, with public money going more on the over.

It is understandable why more bettors are going with the over. Six of the last seven Super Cup have featured at least three goals.

These two clubs are coming off high-scoring years in the Premier League, as well as some high-scoring games in their runs to the Europa League Championship and Champions League Championship. Keep with the trend and take the over.

Over 2.5 Goals

Total Goals for Home Team

Liverpool is the home team in this match (although the game is played at a neutral site every year). Online sportsbooks are giving Liverpool similar odds around 3.35 on scoring either 2 goals or 3+ goals, giving bettors a chance to bet on both and win some money if either hit.

Since 2004, all but one winner of the Super Cup has scored two goals or more. Two seems more reasonable in this matchup though, looking at the scoring history of these two clubs when they play.

Three Total Goals for Home Team

Liverpool favourite

Will there be a Penalty Shootout?

While extra time is relatively common in the Super Cup, four of the last six games needing it, penalties deciding the game is very rare. The only time it happened was in 2013.

The odds on betting on a penalty shootout occurring are quite attractive, but the chance of it occurring is too low. Stick with the safer betting option and consider parlaying the low odds with another wage to help increase potential winnings.

No Penalty Shootout

Will there be an Overtime Goal?

If you want to make a riskier bet with a better payout, bet on if there will be a goal in overtime. This bet covers a few biases, without needing the game to end in penalties to win.

Considering that three of the Super Cups since 2014 were decided by a goal in extra-time, it happening again in 2019 is plausible. With the odds offered, placing this bet is worth it.

Yes Will there be an Overtime Goal

Correct Score

One of the hardest prop bets to pick is the correct score of the game. There are always many options available on this bet, making the odds on all are very attractive.

Picking a Liverpool win by one goal is a good start, helping cut down the options. Judging on the current odds available, Liverpool winning 3-2 is our pick. Only two Super Cups since 2002 have finished with a score of 3-2.

Last year’s game could have been the third, but two goals in extra-time gave Atletico Madrid a 4-2 victory.

This year’s game is much like last years, with two long-time rivals facing off, with both offences scoring, but Liverpool coming out with a late goal to win by one.

Liverpool 3-2 Correct Score