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Manchester United vs Leicester 2016 Preview And Prediction

Manchester United vs Leicester 2016 Preview And Prediction

Everything looked on schedule for the Red Devils early on. However, since returning from International break Manchester United feels like Chelsea circa 2015. High priced players are no shows in big games, and Jose Mourinho, whose team isn't attacking much on the field, is making up for it by attacking his players and the media, whenever he is in front of a microphone. The ugly truth is that Jose Mourinho now has only won 8 of his last 24 games as a manager. Has this serial winner lost the plot?

Manchester United vs Leicester Odds On William Hill

Man United vs Leicester odds on William Hill

What should be worrisome for United fans are the defensive errors being made by their team. Mourinho, if nothing else, is known for his team's ability to lock down opponents and be well drilled defensively. If he has any shot at making United great again it must start at the back end.

Manchester United vs Leicester Betting Prediction

I believe that Michael Carrick will be reintroduced into the starting XI giving the back four some much needed protection.


The other reason I like this to be low scoring is that United, much like Chelsea under Mourinho last season, can't create clear cut scoring chances. Leicester can play their game and sit deep while a slow plodding, and nervous United team patiently try to break them down. As soon as the Foxes disposses them all the red jerseys will be scrambling back into defensive positions so that Mahrez and Vardy don't get the clear cut openings they thrive on.

Mourinho will sacrifice his attack to make sure the defense is rock solid. He has done it his whole career. United fans may not like what they see on Saturday I fear, but this pragmatic way is how he approaches winning.  

Leicester also have some houskeeping to do. They look to be the bad good team this season. What that means is they are the good team that can't beat the other good teams, but lay the wood to the Swanseas and Burnleys of the world. In their last 2 matches against stiff opposition in Liverpool and Chelsea, they have shipped 4 goals in each game. United however have not found their attacking best yet and Ranieri can drill his men to limit their chances.

The Special One Meets The Tinkerman

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Ranieri was the predecessor to Mourinho in his first stint as Chelsea's gaffer. Mourinho took some subliminal shots at him then, much like he did at David Moyes and Louis Van Gaal when he was appointed the United job. Ranieri stayed quiet.

When they were rival managers in Italy, Jose was much more blatant in his attacks and called Ranieri a loser, much like we have seem him do with Arsene Wenger. Once more, Ranieri stayed quiet.

In 7 careers matches versus the Tinkerman, Mourinho has a very narrow 3-2-2 advantage over the Italian. Ranieri's most notable victory over the Special one was a 2-1 win at the King Power stadium last December. It was Jose Mourinho's last match before being sacked as Chelsea boss.

In those 7 games there have only been a grand total of 15 goals scored. 

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