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Celtic vs Manchester City 2016 Preview And Prediction

Celtic vs Manchester City 2016 Preview And Prediction

When the 2016 UEFA Champions League group stage draw was held and group C was revealed, I thought to myself "Goals, Goals and more Goals". Matchday 1 revealed my intial thoughts to be true as both Man City and Barcelona lit up their respective opponents and both games hit the over quite easily. I'm going back to well this week!

Celtic vs Man City Odds On BET365

Celtic vs Man City odds on BET365

Celtic vs Manchester City 2016 Betting Prediction

If you treat sports gambling like you would any financial market, there is a saying that stock traders use: Make the trend your friend


Since the beginning of August, Celtic FC have played 12 games. Those games have seen a total number of 57 goals, an average of 4.75 goals per game.

Since mid August Man City have played 10 games. Those games have seen a total of 36 goals, an average of 3.6 goals per game.

If both teams play to their averages then 4 goals is well within reach and there is no reason to expect anything other than a Citizen victory. Celtic do not have the talent or tactical prowess to stop their opponent. Furthermore, Manchester City can not afford complacency.

Guardiola's New Project Versus The Club That Created Him

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Because Pep's Man City team is drawn in the same group as Barcelona this means a couple things that play into the bettor's hand. First and foremost it means we are in for a two great games between these elite clubs. But it also means that both teams will be looking to top the other in goal differencial when they are not playing each other.

Seeing as how the Catalans already dropped 7 on Celtic, Man City have no reason to play hide the ball when they have a lead. They need to keep scoring which will suit the likes of Raheem Sterling just fine as he goes up against Brendan Rodgers, his old Liverpool manager.

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