RuPaul's Drag Race Canada Betting Odds
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RuPaul's Drag Race Canada Betting Odds

RuPaul's Drag Race Canada will feature some of the fiercest competition of the summer, with 12 of the most amazing Drag Queens competing for the top prize. In order to impress, the competitors will need to stand out to both the resident judges and the surprise guest judges who will appear throughout the inaugural season.

Canada’s Drag Race Queens

With the exception of one American Queen, all the contestants in inaugural Canada’s Drag Race hail from eastern and western provinces across the nation. Most of the Queens live around the Greater Toronto Area, with many of the others hailing from Vancouver and Montreal. This group of Queens, however, are among the most diverse that you’ll find across the world, enriching the Canadian version of this popular television series.

Canada’s Drag Race Competitors  

Remaining Queens 1xbet BetWay sportsinteraction
Rita Baga 3.00 TBD TBD
Priyanka 3.00 TBD TBD
Scarlett BoBo 4.00 TBD TBD
Jimbo 4.00 TBD TBD
Lemon 6.00 TBD TBD
Ilona Verley 10.00 TBD TBD
Tynomi Banks To win the RuPaul's Drag Race Canada Betting
Sports Interaction

Tynomi Banks

Once considered the odds on a favourite from entertainment betting sites, Tynomi Banks hails from Pickering and moved to Toronto after graduating from Durham College. She had no qualms about letting everyone know that she was in it to win it. We were surprised to see her go home in week 4.

Lemon 6.00

The only contestant to hail outside of the North, the mysterious Lemon currently resides in New York. She’s a contemporary tap dancer and a model who has been full drag for just over a year prior to earning a spot on Canada’s Drag Race.

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  • Kiara

    Raised in Quebec City, currently residing in Montreal, Kiara is known to be passionate about the French language. She’s one of the two contestants competing out of Montreal, who were considered by the oddsmakers to be the most likely winner from La Belle Province. She was asked to sashay away on week 5.

    Anastarzia Anaquway

    This Bahamian Queen resides in the East York neighbourhood of Toronto and has been doing drag for nearly two decades. Winner of more than 15 pageants, Anastarzia fell in love with the diversity of Queens that she met in Toronto.

    Drag Queens


    A math major at the University of Waterloo and winner of the Schulich Leader Scholarship – worth $60,000 – Kyne already had a big following on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, where she provides tutorials on high math and aesthetics. She was unable to translate that to success on the main stage.

    Scarlett BoBo 4.00

    The Crimson Queen of the competition is Scarlett BoBo, who has been doing drag for more than a decade. A graduate of Humber College in Toronto, Scarlett’s a multitalented competitor who also went to circus school. She has been gaining steam since a slow start the first few weeks.

    BOA 10.00

    BOA stands for “Bitch On Arrival”, so it’s pretty clear that she’s here to keep things real. Born in Windsor, Ontario, residing in Toronto, she’s a graduate of the Seneca College with a down to earth motto: “Ballin’ on a budget, honey!” Her performance has been hit or miss thus far.

    Juice Boxx

    An unorthodox Queen who has been doing drag for five years, Juice Boxx is a survivor who’s open about her reconstructive surgery after suffering an incident in which her chest was burned. Juice is all about the TMI, recounting how one of her nipples was reconstructed from pigskin. We were sad to see her become Canada's Porkchop.

    Ilona Verley 10.00

    A member of the Nlaka'pamux community along the Salish Coast in British Columbia, Ilona Verley is the only two-spirit Queen in the race. Ilona spends most of her time in Vancouver and stands out with a unique style that pops with a vibrant, electric palette. She has just barely been skating by. 

    Rita Baga 3.00

    The self-proclaimed Queen of Montreal will be one of the more mysterious Queens in the race. Despite the fact that oddsmakers list her as an underdog, online discussion groups peg her as a top-three competitor. And her successive wins have only fueled her fandom. 

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  • Jimbo 4.00

    Perhaps the strangest Queen of the bunch, Jimbo seems to fit in with one of her most memorable quotes: “It’s like I boarded the mothership, and it’s straight for outer space!”. Her massive crown and flowing layers of garb appear to be manifested from another world. This quirky queen is pulling ahead of the pack. 

    Priyanka 3.00

    Priyanka is the first Guyanese Queen to compete in Canada’s Drag Race. She’s a graduate of the Niagara College’s Broadcasting program and was a host of YTV’s The Zone and The Next Star. First engaging in full drag on her 26th birthday, Priyanka has been in drag for three years before entering the contest. She is quickly becoming a favourite to become Canada's first next Drag Super Star.

    Canada Drag

    Canada’s Drag Race Judges

    Knowing a little bit about the judges will be important to understand the potential outcome of the competition. Throughout the show, the judges will be determining who will stay and who will continue to the next episode throughout the season. The three official judges are from different parts of the entertainment industry. For nearly all episodes, you can also expect a guest judge to join in the proceedings.

    Brooke Lynn Hytes, who was a runner-up in season eleven of RuPaul’s Drag Race, will serve as a judge who has direct experience in competitive drag racing. Actor Jeffrey Bower-Chapman has been a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race on three different occasions, while model Stacey McKenzie will bring a critical eye in terms of fashion. Contestants will need to satisfy the expectations of all three judges throughout the competition.

    In terms of guest judges, there are more than a dozen potential guests, ranging from Deborah Cox and Michelle DuBarry to Elisha Cuthbert and Tom Green. There will be a total of ten episodes, so not all of the guests will be judges. In some cases, guests will be involved with a specific challenge of event that takes place during an episode.

    Canada Drag Race Judges

    Where Can I Watch Canada’s Drag Race?

    Canada’s Drag race will premier on July 2nd, after the Canada Day holiday, and go for a stretch of ten episodes. Canadians can watch Canada’s Drag race on OutTV and Crave streaming platform. Internationally, the show will be broadcast on WOW Presents Plus.

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