Top 10 UFC Wags You Need to Meet

Perhaps no other sport exudes testosterone more than the Ultimate Fighting Championship, which also happens to have a variety of beautiful ring girls, making this environment a raging mix of erotic hormones. Not all of these meetings are fleeting however, especially for some of the top personalities fighting with the UFC. They meet steady baes who stick with them through thick and thin, regardless of whether or not they administer a beatdown to their enemy in the octagon.

The hard life of a UFC fighter includes lots of intense training, which can lead to wives and girlfriends being pretty damn pleased with the ripped bods of their boyfriends and husbands. On the flip side of the coin, the investment necessary ends up leading to sacrifices, especially when a fighter hits a tough spot.

If you’re betting on the UFC, remaining aware of a fighter’s psychological profile is important, especially for big bouts. Those who have the support of a bae and exhibit the ability to avoid the spotlight due to questionable behaviour are more likely to have the discipline necessary to win a fight.

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