Top 10 Three Pointers In NBA History
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Top 10 Three Pointers In NBA History

Let's have a look at the top 10 NBA three-pointers of all time.

Top Ten Three-Pointers Made All Time

The NBA adopted the three-point shot in 1979, the same year that Magic Johnson and Larry Bird entered the association. At first, three-pointers were considered risky and soft, to be used sparingly.

The last decade has been defined by the three-point shot, leveraged by the Warriors into one of the greatest dynasties in pro sports. The following sharpshooters are the ten most prolific three-point shotmakers in NBA history.

Can you imagine an All-Star Three-Point Contest among the ten players below?

10. Jason Kidd – 1988 Career 3P - .349 Career 3P%

Mr. Triple Double was known for his on-court intelligence and his ability to bully smaller guards instead of the effectiveness of his jump shot. However, he used the three-pointer more successfully later on in his career, opening up space to drive and distribute in half-court sets.

Coincidentally, Kidd won his only NBA championship with Dirk Nowitzki. Disco Dirk ushered in the era of the stretch four as one of the greatest shooting bigs of all time, falling a handful of three-pointers behind Kidd to reside at number 11 all-time.

Boston Celtics

9. Paul Pierce – 2143 Career 3P - .368 Career 3P%

One of the most cold-blooded shooters in recent playoff history, Pierce’s three-point shot aged like wine.

He didn’t get another ring after winning one with Allen and Garnett in Boston. Still, he was a significant part of exciting playoff runs with the Wizards and Nets, including a pair of playoff series where he tormented the Raptors mercilessly with game-winning shots and big defensive plays.

One of his most famous shots was a banked buzzer-beating three. When a reporter asked “did you call bank?”, Pierce said, “I called game.”

8. Jamal Crawford – 2220 Career 3P - .348 Career 3P%

Also known as J. Crossover, Jamal became one of the most successful three-point shooters in history through volume instead of precision. A fearless shooter, Crawford’s signature crossover opened up space for him to launch from pretty much anywhere in the half-court.

Winner of three sixth man of the year awards, Crawford is the modern archetype of instant offence off the bench, especially during his time with the Clippers.

Dallas Mavericks


7. Jason Terry – 2282 Career 3P - .380 Career 3P%

Jason “The Jet” Terry recently said that he would have broken three-point records if his prime years took place in the modern NBA. He entered the association around the turn of the millennium, just before the rise of the three. There’s no doubt that he would have a shot at the top three of all time if his career started around the same time as Curry, but it’s tough to imagine the current era without players like Curry and Allen stretching the boundaries. One of the more underrated players in the association, Terry leveraged stable shooting, excellent defence, and intelligent play into a lengthy career that included an NBA championship with Dallas.


6. Vince Carter – 2290 Career 3P - .371 Career 3P%

Considering that Vince rose to superstar status with the Toronto Raptors because of his otherworldly dunking skills, it’s incredible that Carter ended up finishing his long career as a top ten three-point shooter.

Similar to Kidd, Terry, and Pierce, the ability to spot up outside the arc, contribute on defence, and provide leadership extended Carter’s career into Lazarus territory.

Houston Rockets

5. James Harden – 2296 Career 3P - .363 Career 3P%

Before striking out on his own to become an MVP with the Houston Rockets, James Harden was an ace up the Thunder’s sleeve as instant offence off the bench alongside Westbrook and Durant. Nobody expected him to rattle off two of the most productive offensive seasons in NBA history after leaving Oklahoma City. Harden’s become impossible to guard because of his perfection of the step-back three, which gives him space to destroy defenders mercilessly.

4. Kyle Korver – 2437 Career 3P - .429 Career 3P%

Perhaps one of the top three pure three-point shooters in history, Korver’s incredible .429 career rate from beyond the arc, reflects his relentless dedication to the art of the jump shot. Korver revealed that every time he shoots, he automatically goes through a 20-point checklist that ensures the maximum odds of his shot falling. No wonder he has the second-best career rate of any shooter on this list.

Steph Curry NBA 

3. Stephen Curry – 2495 Career 3P - .435 Career 3P%

Quite simply the best shooter in the history of basketball, Steph Curry’s innovations include hitting three-pointers from anywhere beyond the arc. He’s the NBA leader in three-pointers made from beyond half court, a phenomenon that forces defences to guard him closely 40 to 50 feet away from the rim – unheard of for any other player.

The shooting ability of Steph and Klay Thompson has changed the landscape of the NBA, with teams attempting to copy the dynasty of the Warriors. There’s little doubt that Steph will finish his time with the association on top of this list as the first NBA player to hit more than 3,000 threes in his career.

2. Reggie Miller – 2560 Career 3P - .395 Career 3P%

Reggie Miller was the original splash brother. He was decades ahead of his time, stubbornly launching beyond the arc during an era when teams valued post scoring and free throws above all. He’s the best shooter never to win a championship, but his exploits as a Knicks killer will never be forgotten.

With 20 seconds left in game one of an eastern conference semis, Reggie stole a playoff win by scoring 8 points in 9 seconds in front of Spike Lee at Madison Square Garden.

Miami Heat

1. Ray Allen – 2,973 Career 3P - .400 Career 3P%

Perhaps one of the top five pure shooters of all time, Ray Allen’s ability to hit clutch three-pointers helped to cement the legacy of LeBron James, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnett, along with his legend.

Ray’s incredible game-tying three in game six of the finals against the Spurs helped the Heat secure LeBron’s second ring. Allen was also a key figure with the Celtics championship win in 2008.

Allen’s also famous playing Jesus Shuttlesworth in Spike Lee’s He Got Game, leading some fans to refer to Ray as Jumpshot Jesus.