Top 10 Three Pointers In NBA History

When the NBA adapted the ABA’s three-point line for the 1979-1980 season, many believed it was just a gimmick. How wrong they were. A three-pointer, scored when a player hits a shot 23.9 feet away from the basket (or 22 feet from the sidelines) has become a crucial part of the game. Plenty of NBA stars have made careers out of hitting the three-ball with many creating even bigger legends with their heroics from beyond the arc. Here are the ten greatest three-pointers!

The NBA's Greatest Three-Point Shooters

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NBA Three-Point Shootouts and Championships

Honourable Mentions: a couple of other three-pointers deserve a mention: Curry’s teammate Klay Thompson can be just as deadly as him even without the volume. Drazen Petrovic was the first European star and one of the most lethal from beyond the arc. Peja Stojakovic at his prime was just as prolific as Ray Allen and last but certainly not least, Larry Bird despite not having attempted too many threes was as good as the best.

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