Top 10 NHL Wags You Need To Meet

Some observers of major North American sports leagues believe that collectively, the players of the NHL are the most well-adjusted millionaires in the industry. Perhaps that’s why it’s so difficult to choose the ten NHL wives and girlfriends that you need to meet. In addition to being completely gorgeous, these women also have a wide range of talents. This list includes an actress, TV and radio host and superstar musician. All of them have selected great baes from the NHL.

The NHL is such a tightly-knit league that news spreads like wildfire, especially when a bored NHL media is looking for something to generate hits in February. Occasionally, you’ll find the media targeting certain players and WAGS because of controversial situations, some of them spurred by the media itself. 

If you’re betting on an NHL game, it makes sense to keep track of anything that may affect the outcome of the game, including a star player who is struggling with a wife or girlfriend issue. While it may not be the be all and end all in terms of performance, these things occasionally affect top players, reducing the team’s odds of winning.

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