Top 10 NBA Wags You Need To Meet

Top ballers and shot-callers only exist at the NBA level, commanding attention from the sports media on a regular basis. Lately, one of the hipper sports leagues in the world is the National Basketball Association, especially considering the principled stance that the league takes against prejudice. This mix of money, fame and inclusiveness attracts some of the most beautiful women in the world, as you can see when you check out this list of the top ten wives and girlfriends of NBA stars, all of whom you need to meet.

With the advent of Twitter, Instagram and reality television, the general public has more access to NBA WAGS than ever before. In some cases, this leads to a terrific collaboration between player and wife, leading to a family foundation that helps the baller focus on ball.

It’s hard to understate the importance of family to many basketball players. When they have to deal with difficult family issues, it takes away from their focus on the game. As a star-driven league, before you bet on an NBA match, it’s worth your time to make sure that a player isn’t dealing with a distraction that makes it difficult for him to play at top level.

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