Top 10 Best MLS Fanbases

There are fans. And there are soccer fans. Knon as “supporters’ groups”, these are independent fan clubs dedicated to association soccer. In Europe, they are known as “ultras” derived from the Latin word “ultra” meaning “beyond”, implying the enthusiasm goes beyond normal. Throughout the world, supporters’ groups are renowned (or notorious) for fanatical vocal support, display of banners (known as tifos) at stadiums as well as “hooliganism” [+]

– starting brawls and disrupting the peace. MLS supporters’ groups can be intense and these ten are the most known.

The Best Supporters' Groups In The MLS

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Some of these supporters’ groups get real rowdy but with the MLS approaching the playoffs, things might just get out of control. They weren’t present in this list but the FC Dallas and Colorado Rapids are heading into the postseason close to being tied. They enjoy a sizable lead over the LA Galaxy, the next best team in the West. In the East, it’s a two-way tie between the New York teams: the Red Bulls and the new kids on the block, the NYC FC. Should these two meet in the playoffs, the Big Apple might just explode.

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