Top 10 MLS Wags You Need To Meet

After all that running, the players of Major League Soccer doubtlessly need to unwind post game. What better way to do so than with their beautiful wives and girlfriends? While there are plenty of gorgeous women who shack up with football players, not all of the relationships may be considered to be entirely notable. Not so for these ten MLS couples. In addition to being completely gorgeous women, these baes of the MLS have something special going on with their WAGs.

One of the more interesting facts about this list of MLS baes is the overall fitness level of these women. The ability to stay ready for the grind of the season can be made easier with a WAG who also makes fitness a priority.

When you’re wagering on Major League Soccer, things that happen off the field can have a pretty big effect on the game itself. The truth behind these remarkable athletes is the fact that they are still human, which means that when they have difficulty with their relationships, their performance may be underwhelming on the pitch.

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