Top 10 Greatest Super Bowl Championship Since 2000

The most anticipated annual sporting event in the world just might be the Super Bowl, which attracts a massive audience and creates an unstoppable hype machine that culminates on the first Sunday on February, which has pretty much become an American national holiday on par with Easter. Prior to the turn of the century, many Super Bowls ended up being labelled as the “Super Bore” because of lopsided matchups. Since 2000, which featured the “Longest Yard” game, the Super Bowl has been fantastic more often than not, including these ten matchups which are among the best ever in NFL history.

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One of the most popular wagering events of the year tends to be the Super Bowl, which attracts plenty of casual wagering fans in addition to betting experts. The sheer variety of wagering opportunities provide an enjoyable way to add personal stakes to the matchup, especially if your favourite team isn’t playing in the final game.

Unlike championship series, which require a team to win multiple games to earn a ring, the Super Bowl is a one-off, winner-takes-all affair. The saying goes that anything can happen when a championship is decided by a single game, which makes upsets at the Super Bowl more frequent than other major pro sports championship finals.

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