Top 10 Greatest NFL Defensive Players 2016-17

While offensive stars may get all the glory and the hog share of credit, the truth behind major professional sports is that defense wins championships. Even the most offensively fearsome NFL squad can run into a defense that simply does not allow you to score, letting their own offense earn a narrow victory. Super Bowl 50 was the perfect example, as the Denver Broncos suppressed the most dynamic quarterback in the league to earn the historic championship. [+]

The following ten defensive players are all capable of taking over a game, giving their quarterbacks an opportunity to steal the win.

Regardless of whether you’re betting on the outcome of the NFL game, or trying to figure if the spread is worth your time, keeping tabs on the defensive abilities of a team helps to make sure you make the right wagering decision. Even hot offenses can sputter in the face of a coordinated defense.

While not as flashy as a touchdown reception, pass denial, solid tackling, sacks and interceptions form the heart of a solid d. Individual defensive stars can swing a defense one way or another, covering holes and lifting the effectiveness of other players on defense.

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