Top 10 Biggest MLS Stars Twitter Accounts

Social media has given us a new glimpse into the lives of the athletes we love to watch. We can see their every move on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. But did you know this also gives you a slight edge when it comes to betting on sports? It’s true. If someone is feeling sick, injured or malcontent, it will show up in your newsfeed. This is info you would have had to get from the media in the past. So for those betting on MLS, here are 10 players to follow.  

Most Popular MLS Players On Twitter

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Follow These MLS Players On Twitter

We’ve tried to select our list via a combination of activity on Twitter (number of tweets) and their overall relevancy in the league. Of course, you might be able to glean a nugget of insight from a bench player. Maybe they were backstage for a fight between teammates. 

But make sure you’re following all of these guys, if you want to make a bet on MLS. They may not have the most followers. But we feel they may have insight into how their team will perform.

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