The 10 Most Gruesome NFL Injuries Ever

Football players know all about the injury risks they take when they decide to pursue a football career at the highest levels. Injuries will always be part of the game and it's not surprising to hear many doctors out there describe football as repeated car crashes that these players put themselves through. But while all injuries are bad, there are always some that take the cake when it comes to gruesomeness and effectively costing a player their career in the sport.

10 Ugliest Injuries In NFL History

How To Deal With Injuries At Football Betting

You can't blame anyone for not wanting to spend too much time reliving a list like this as these are some of the nastiest injuries we've had in the NFL and a few of them were caught under the bright lights of nationally televised primetime contests. From fingers getting cut off, to knees and legs snapping like small branches, players who find themselves on this list would love to forget about those events that clearly cut short their football careers.

NFL bettors know all about the impact injuries can have on the betting line and it's always important to give them strong consideration when going through your numbers. Obviously injuries to QB's cause the most direct impact to a betting number, but when a QB's top target or two go down, that can have just as big of an impact that many bettors will often overlook. Injury reports are made readily available to the public the closer it gets to game time, and the idea that a key player could miss the game can go a long way in saving your bankroll if you are one that should wait on point spreads a bit more rather than always trying to beat the closing line.

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