Oscars 2019: No Big Favourites and Plenty of Competition

Oscars 2019: No Big Favourites and Plenty of Competition

The Oscars are fun to watch just to see your favourite Hollywood A-listers in one place. But what's even more fun is testing your movie knowledge by making picks and seeing them come true in front of your eyes. Fans love doing this. But some take it to the next step by betting on the Oscars. As this year's Oscars odds indicate, we're in for a less-than-predictable night. 

We give a rundown of our top picks for both favourite and underdog bets.

Oscars 2019 Odds - Best Bets

Favourites and Slam Dunks



Alfonso Cuaron (Best Director): let's get obvious out the way. Cuaron took home the award at the Golden Globes and his film, Roma, won Best Foreign Film on top of being the favourite to win Best Picture with the Academy. He won his first Best Director award in 2013 for Gravity and is a runaway to capture his second.

Alfonso Cuaron Best Director

Glenn Close (Best Actress): Close has done almost everything in her illustrious movie career except bring home an Oscar. She is 0 for 6 so far, but she's in luck this year as her competition isn't that stiff. Already with the Golden Globe and Satellite Awards, expect Close to finally get her Academy Award.

Glenn Close Best Actress

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Best Animated Feature Film): this is one of the most predictable categories almost every year. While there's some competition, Spider-Man is just head and shoulders above the rest. With a multicultural cast and a theme of inclusion, the Academy won't look anywhere else.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse To Win

Underdogs and Sleepers

A Star is Born


A Star is Born (Best Picture): despite all its buzz, A Star is Born got shut out of the major awards at the Golden Globes. Conventional wisdom dictates it won't win jack at the Oscars either although three of the last four Best Picture winners didn't win their respective awards in the Golden Globes. The trend could continue.

A Star is Born Best Picture

Christian Bale (Best Actor): Bale has a strong pull with the Academy but has yet to win the coveted award. Both he and favourite Rami Malek took home their respective Best Actor categories at the Golden Globes. It's almost a 50-50 split between the two and we'll take the shot on the +275 underdog.

Christian Bale Best Actor

Black Panther (Best Picture): crazier things have happened? When the Academy tried to bring in a "Best Popular Film" category they made it obvious they just wanted to honour Black Panther. There is a strong possibility this film gets nominated and an outlandish chance it drives everyone nuts if it wins.

But if the Academy wants to create buzz, this is the way to go.

Black Panther Best Picture

Betting on Entertainment

The best thing about the Academy Awards and other noteworthy Entertainment events is that they are so big, plenty of fans bet on them. That seems crazy, but every year, online sportsbooks get busy at this time. Not only because of the presence of the NFL Playoffs or other sports but because of the Oscars.

Fans love to play their pick'em contests to show off amongst their friends or on social media. Some go as far as putting their money where their picks are, especially on the chance that a surprise winner goes. You don't want to miss the chance to cash out along with your bold pick. 

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