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      NHL Futures Betting Guaranteed Payday 2015 Stanley Cup Championship Call

      NHL Futures Betting Guaranteed Payday 2015 Stanley Cup Championship Call

      Stanley Cup win will officially earn Chicago a Dynasty stamp

      Though not the four straight Cup wins by the New York Islanders (1980-1983) or the Edmonton Oilers five Championships in seven years (1984-1990), a Blackhawks Stanley Cup win will earn this Chicago Crew dynasty status. Chicago’s fabulous five, Kane, Keith, Toews, Sharp and Hossa, are aiming for their third Cup win in six years. While the bookmakers have had the Hawks as Cup favorites since the preseason, count us in the group that was a little leery of their chances. 

      A rock solid core - plus slightly shaky but improving goaltending - powers the Hawks

      Their turnstile goaltending situation has been our primary knock on the Blackhawks but, although he has been shaky at times, G Cory Crawford appears to be rounding into Championship form. The Chicago core is as deep as it gets as they have seven players with double-digit playoff points. Experience is lopsided in this series as Chicago has 14 players who have participated in a Stanley Cup Final series while Tampa Bay has just six. Equally important, Joel Quenneville has piloted the Good Ship Chicago for the past seven seasons. Coach Q made veteran coach Bruce Boudreau look like a rank amateur during the Western Conference Final and he will have an advantage over Jon Cooper who is in his second season as an National Hockey League bench boss.

      Futures Betting Stanley Cup Pay Day: Thanks to our mid-February futures wager on Tampa Bay, we will earn 900 units if the Lightning lift the Cup. Our comprehensive eyeball test, performed throughout the 2014-15 NHL postseason, is telling us that not backing up our investment would be foolish. The Hawks being fairly thick chalk doesn’t give us a whole lot of wiggle room here. Our 800 unit wager on Chicago, with the NHL Stanley Cup Series Prices posted at bookies, earns us a 533.33 unit return when the Hawks hoist the Cup. Take away our original 400 unit futures wager and we pocket a 133.33 profit. If the young Bolts upset the Hawks, our return is 100 units. 

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