NFL Coaches with Most Super Bowl Wins
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NFL Coaches with Most Super Bowl Wins

Winning a Super Bowl is the crown jewel to any coach's legacy and while few great coaches have won, even few have won more than one. We take a look at the NFL coaches who have the most Super Bowl wins.

Quarterbacks may get all the headlines, but a great NFL coach is what makes or breaks a team. The coaches with the most Super Bowl wins are few, which only emphasizes how difficult it is to win (especially when you look at Super Bowl odds) and how great these coaches were.

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  • The Top Coaches Who Have the Most Super Bowls

    This is a shortlist of coaches who have won more than one Super Bowl. Looking at Super Bowl props, it is no wonder you can win at least double your wager even if you put it on powerhouse teams. It's one of the hardest things to do in sports, which makes the coaches on this list even more legendary.

    Bill Belichick - 6 (6-3)

    Belichick's six Super Bowls (and nine Super Bowl appearances) may be a feat that no coach will be able to match. The oft-scowling figure has been synonymous with the Patriots dynasty and is one of the few household coaching names in the NFL.

    After parting with Brady in 2020, his days in the sun are limited. But he will go down as the "GOAT" without a doubt.

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    Chuck Noll - 4 (4-0)

    The Steelers' icon coached Pittsburgh for 23 years from 1969 and 1991. He was the brains behind the "Steel Curtain" defence that won four Super Bowls in six years, a feat no other coach has been able to match. Not even Belichick.

    Noll also became one of the first coaches to provide more opportunities for African-Americans, which included Franco Harris becoming the first African-American to win the Super Bowl MVP in 1975.

    Bill Walsh - 3 (3-0)

    In just ten seasons as an NFL head coach, Walsh established himself as one of the all-time greats. He used his iconic "West Coast Offense" to lead the 49ers to three Super Bowls while compiling a 10-4 record in the postseason. Walsh produced NFL legends in Joe Montana and Jerry Rice.

    Most impressively, Walsh has one of the richest NFL coaching trees having mentored future Super Bowl champions in George Seifert and Mike Holmgren.

    Joe Gibbs - 3 (3-1)

    Before Belichick, you could make a strong case for Joe Gibbs as the NFL's greatest coach. He won three Super Bowls with three different starting quarterbacks, none of whom became NFL Hall of Famers.

    Gibbs coaches the Redskins in three different decades and compiled a 154-94 regular season record along with a 17-7 playoff record.

    Vince Lombardi - 2 (2-0)

    The coach who they named the Super Bowl trophy after became the first coach to win the Super Bowl. While he "only" won two in total, he also won five NFL championships and he did all this within ten years. Before the Belichicks or the Walshes, Lombardi was easily the greatest coach of his era. 

    Lombardi became the first coach to start challenging the colour barrier within football, which paved the way for a more diverse game. 

    Tom Flores - 2 (2-0)

    One of the few coaches on this list who aren't in the Hall, Flores won a pair of chips with the Raiders. He's made history by becoming both the first Hispanic starting quarterback in the league as well as the first non-white coach to win a Super Bowl.

    But other than his pair of Super Bowls, Flores's coaching career didn't amount to much. In his 12 seasons as coach, he's only made the postseason five times and has a coaching record of 97-87.

    Jimmy Johnson - 2 (2-0)

    "Short but bittersweet" would best describe Johnson's stints as an NFL coach. The Hall of Famer rose to prominence by turning the once-hapless Cowboys into "America's Team" by leading them to consecutive Super Bowls in 1992 and 1993. 

    Had Johnson not been unceremoniously dismissed by Jones, he may have added to his resume and would be regarded as one of the all-time greats. Still, his brief run still culminated in the making of a dynasty.

    nfl coaches super bowl

    George Seifert - 2 (2-0)

    At the time of his retirement, Seifert had the record for the best winning percentage among NFL coaches. In his seven seasons with the 49ers, he coached them to two Super Bowls and six playoff appearances. 

    Seifert may have a case for the Hall if he didn't have an atrocious run as the Panthers' coach, which saw his 2001 team win only one game. How the mighty had fallen.

    Mike Shanahan - 2 (2-0)

    The Broncos' all-time greatest coach was not just known for his back-to-back Super Bowls, but for maintaining the team's consistency through 13 seasons. From 1995 to 2008, Shanahan coached the Broncos to 11 non-losing seasons, which included seven playoff appearances.

    His horrible stint with the Redskins may keep him from the Hall, but he should eventually get in.

    Tom Coughlin - 2 (2-0)

    Although he's four Super Bowls away from tying Belichick, Coughlin is the only man who could boast about beating the GOAT twice in the Super Bowl. His Super Bowl XLII win over the 16-0 Patriots arguably already cements his legacy as a future Hall of Famer.

    He followed that all-time upset by repeatedly upsetting the Patriots four Super Bowls later in a similar fashion.

    Bill Parcells - 2 (2-1)

    Speaking of the Giants, Parcells became the first coach to lead them to a Super Bowl in 1986. He would later lead them back to the promised land in 1990 then float around different teams becoming the only coach to lead four different teams to the playoffs.

    Parcells became known as a coach that managed to resurrect ailing franchises as evidenced by his aforementioned feat.

    Tom Landry - 2 (2-3)

    Landry's pair of Super Bowls does little to emphasize how important of a figure he was to the NFL. The Cowboys legend popularized the 4-3 defensive along with the "flex defence" system that led to the team's infamous "Doomsday Defense". 

    Landry holds an NFL-record of 29 years as a coach of one team along with 20 consecutive winning seasons, which may be one of pro sports' most unbeatable records.

    Don Shula - 2 (2-4)

    Shula may have lost more Super Bowls than he's won, but he'll go down as one of the greatest with his bevy of accomplishments including having the NFL record for most wins.

    The four-time AP Coach of the Year, another NFL record, also led the Dolphins to the only perfect season in NFL history. This feat alone puts him in the Mt. Rushmore of NFL coaches.

    Super Bowl-caliber coaches are as hard to come by as franchise-altering quarterbacks. If your team has them, be very grateful. In fact, you can bet on NFL coaches in many ways whether it is to win the Super Bowl as part of Super Bowl props or to win Coach of the Year.

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