Meet Matt Barnes Ex-Wife, Gloria Govan

She’s been the subject of much controversy as the former reality TV star has been caught between a heated rivalry between Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher. Govan, who starred for VH1’s Basketball Wives and Basketball Wives: LA was recently caught dating Fisher to which her ex-husband, Barnes took exception to. Govan is drop-dead gorgeous and a passionate person who does whatever she pleases. Outside being a love interest for two prominent basketball players, she’s built a respectable life for herself.

Gloria Govan’s Gets Fabulous

NBA’s West Side Story

Whether Barnes is playing with the Kings in Sacramento or the Clippers in Los Angeles, the Western Conference is moving quickly. Barnes’s Kings are still struggling and looking to return to the playoffs for the first time in over a decade. The Clippers meanwhile are killing the season sitting atop the NBA with the league’s best record. As for the other LA team, the Lakers, they are playing a lot better than projected. The NBA season is still just shaping up as some teams are still shaking off the preseason rust while some are coming out hot.

The NBA season is about 15 games deep and while it’s still early, it’s already an indication to how well teams may play in the long run. As bettors continue to flock to our trusted bookmakers, which offer the best betting prices with plenty of betting options, it’s worth keeping track of how quickly and how often odds on NBA teams change. The Kings may continue being a sub-500 team but the Clippers’ hot streak could falter at any time. Sign up to our betting sites and get an exclusive $200 cash bonus.

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