Meet LaLa Anthony, Carmelo Anthony Wife
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Meet LaLa Anthony, Carmelo Anthony Wife

With a successful career on reality tv, cable programming and in movies, La La Anthony is more than your typical wife of an NBA player. And even if La La and Carmelo’s relationship is at times tumultuous, they remain together today after meeting nearly two decades ago.  

Who is La La Anthony?

La La Anthony (born Alani Nicole Vazquez) is the current wife of 10x NBA All-Star Carmelo Anthony. Although NBA fans may only know her for being married to Carmelo, La La Anthony is quite a success and well-known to reality and cable television fans. Now is a great time to learn who is Carmelo Anthony’s wife.

La La’s Start

Before showing up on televisions across North America, La La got her start on the radio. Her early success co-hosting The B-Syde drew notice.

In 2001, La La left Los Angeles 92.3 and joined MTV.

While working at MTV (with her most notable role as the host of Direct Effect from 2002 to 2006), La La met her future husband.  

Her and Melo’s Relationship

La La Anthony and her beau Carmelo’s relationship goes way back. The two first met as young stars in 2003, when Carmelo was just entering the NBA Draft and La La was hosting The Real World: Paris.

The two quickly started a relationship after meeting, and on Christmas Day 2004 the two were engaged. The engagement lasted five and a half years, with the couple marrying in the summer of 2010. During their engagement, the couple welcomed their first (and currently their only child) Kiyan Carmelo Anthony in 2007.

However, after seven years of marriage and nearly a decade and a half together, their relationship entered troubled water.

Challenges of La La and Carmelo

Carmelo Anthony and his wife have gone through some controversy during their marriage. The first rumour Carmelo and La La faced involved another NBA superstar and a famous cereal.

In 2014, Kevin Garnett allegedly told Carmelo Anthony his wife tasted like Honey Nut Cheerios. While this rumour was eventually dispelled, when news of it broke, it stirred the pot in both NBA and entertainment media.   

In 2017, La La Anthony filed for separation from Carmelo (rumours circulate about Carmelo fathering a child with another woman).

However, after nearly a year of separation, the two got back together. While rumours of past infidelities remain, La La and Carmelo continue to work on their relationship and parent their child together. If things go sideways again, La La would be fine financially.

While Carmelo Anthony’s wife's net worth is less than his own, La La’s estimated $120 million is certainly enough to continue living her current lifestyle.  

Time for Some New Endeavours

After a career beginning mostly with reality television and minor roles on television, La La Anthony broke through in the 2010s, landing many prominent recurring roles on popular television programs. Her biggest role to date is as Lakeisha Grant on popular Starz drama Power. For the final four seasons on the show, La La was one of the main cast members.

However, Power’s final season ended in February 2020 and with the reboot of Beverly Hills 90210 (aptly named BH90210) cancelled after only one season, it is time for some new career moves if she wants to be more than Carmelo Anthony’s wife La La to NBA fans.

On the Move

Carmelo Anthony and his wife have been on the move a lot lately. While Melo was the star for the Denver Nuggets (2003 to 2011) and New York Knicks (2011 to 2017), he has spent the last few seasons bouncing around teams. Of course, with a career in Hollywood, it is tough to see Carmelo Anthony’s wife and kids settling into new locales when the veteran could be on the move again.

What Next For La La and Carmelo

With Carmelo’s career nearing its conclusion, now could be a great time to focus on family and the future of their relationship. Of course, with fewer contractual commitments and hubby who can spend more time at home, this could be La La's time to take some risks or aim for a role in a film franchise.