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Mayweather vs McGregor Ultimate Odds

Mayweather vs McGregor Ultimate Odds

Mayweather vs McGregor: The Fight of the Century

Based on the public's feedback, we are either in for one of the greatest shockers in sports history or we're in to see the biggest embarrassment ever. When UFC superstar Conor McGregor traded barbs with Floyd Mayweather, most of the combat sports community made nothing of it but empty words. After all, they were both the richest and most successful fighters for their respective sport. But both had egos bigger than their bank accounts and neither would possibly step into the other's world to get embarrassed.

How wrong everyone was.

Money talks and it was loud enough to convince both to sign one of boxing's most expensive deals to fight each other. That McGregor has no pro bouts or that Mayweather was putting his 49-0 record against an MMA fighter was out of the question. We had a boxing match and it got the whole world talking. Beyond each fighter's larger-than-life personality and a big paycheck, it was a mismatch on paper and respected boxers like "Sugar" Ray Leonard and Oscar De La Hoya condemned the fight.

The disapproval from the boxing community was at an all-time with most of them not giving McGregor a chance. It seemed like conventional wisdom that an MMA fighter with no boxing experience will test boxing's greatest fighter today. McGregor opened at +900 and early action on Mayweather spiked his line to as high as +1150. But since then, money has come all the way in on McGregor as weeks of promotion took place with the "Mystic Mac" seemingly getting the better of Mayweather in the psychological warfare.

When a training video showed McGregor dropping former two-weight boxing champion Paulie Malignaggi, the bettors ran even wilder. The glove sizes were also reduced to 8oz from the regulatory 10oz. Slowly but surely several analysts and boxers including heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and former Mayweather opponent Andre Berto predicted McGregor could knock out Mayweather.

Should Mayweather lose, the entire sport of boxing will look like a mockery. Hence, why all the hatred from the boxing community. For Mayweather and boxing's sake, he better win. The silver lining, however, shows a new cross-sport star being born in McGregor.

Mayweather vs McGregor Ultimate Betting Odds

With just a few hours before the fight, a huge sum of money - millions - have come flooding in on Mayweather much to the relief of bookmakers everywhere. Before the last few days, over 90% of the money has come in on McGregor flattening his line from being as high as +1150 to as low as +275, about a 400% drop in odds.

Oddsmakers got nervous of a potential McGregor upset that would literally clean them out of cash. But expect more money to come in on Mayweather with more patient sharps waiting for an even better line.

Presently, Mayweather is between -600 to -350 though expect significant line movement up to the final minutes before the first bell rings. A lot of heavy betting occurs just hours before the fight. The comeback on McGregor is between +500 to +275. Reports have indicated up to 79% of money has been placed on Mayweather but a whopping 92% of betting tickets have been placed on McGregor.

Mayweather might be Money but the money is going to Mystic Mac.

This fight dichotomy pits the skilled defensive boxer in Mayweather against the unorthodox fighter in McGregor. But this is a boxing match, not an MMA contest. Mayweather is 49-0 having beaten far more skilled and experienced boxers than McGregor. The Irishman has zero professional bouts and is often criticized for his style. But this works out in different ways because Mayweather has also not seen a style like McGregor's. In whatever way it plays out, expect something crazy within the first four to six rounds.

There are over 120 props around the fight such as how the fight ends (TKO or Decision), when it ends (an estimate or a specific round), or who wins by what method (Mayweather by Decision, McGregor by TKO etc). For such an unpredictable fight, taking a stab at these props could be a lucrative deal.

Bookies are working overtime as money keeps coming in on the Fight of the Century. Canadians are also a part of this action and have a wealth of online sportsbooks to choose from, most of whom which offer signup bonuses of up to $200. Cross-sport fights like these happen once in a lifetime and the spectacle alone makes it worth seeing. But taking that leap of faith that McGregor can pull off a miracle gets only tastier when it's backed by the possibility of multiplying your bankroll. Don't miss the fight and be a part of the action.

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