Floyd Mayweather's Five Most Memorable Quotes
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Floyd Mayweather's Five Most Memorable Quotes

The man's way inside the ring was unmatched, and so was his swagger outside of it. Indeed, there's only one Floyd Mayweather, who flaunted his talents as a boxer and his millions and millions he'd go home to after each and every fight. 

There will never be another entertainer like him. And although he's retired, Mayweather remains one of the most boisterous athletes in our sports world today.

But, which of his quotes will go down in history as the best from Money Mayweather? In this piece, we honour the boxing legend by breaking down the best Floyd Mayweather Quotes. To no surprise, this includes Floyd Mayweather's quotes on the money.

It's hard to believe Floyd Mayweather remains retired, but the fact is he has nothing left to prove. With a perfect 50-0 record, where he always had the best boxing odds to come out on top, he really has nothing left to prove. 

At the same time, the sport will never be the same without him no longer in action. Between his arrogance and talents, whenever he was getting ready for battle, it was something spectacular to see. Just ask Conor McGregor, Canelo Alvarez, Oscar De La Hoya and so many others about that. And as much as you might not like Floyd, you better believe he'll never put up with any kind of garbage from ANYONE. 


"Straight shooter," to quote Floyd Mayweather from an HBO documentary. "I approach everything in life like this: if you say (expletive) me, I say (expletive) you. You don't like me, I don't like you. Don't disrespect if you don't want to get disrespected. Period."

Yup, there's no sugarcoating things with the all-time great and what you saw above is one of the classic Floyd Mayweather Jr. quotes. And ahead of his fight with McGregor back in August of 2017, Money made it clear he didn't like the Irishman whatsoever. 

Whenever the two superstars met up for one of their press conferences, verbal jabs were delivered left and right. Hey, they're both showmen, no one will question that. To his credit, McGregor got in some good digs on Mayweather. However, Floyd would never let him have the last laugh. 

He'd constantly bring up McGregor tapping out to Nate Diaz during one of their UFC fights. He'd claim McGregor was a quitter, and a Mayweather-McGregor quote included Floyd saying he'd 'wave the white flag' against him. He added insult to injury with this perfect quote, too.

"God doesn’t make mistakes," he said in one of the awesome Floyd Mayweather quotes on life. "God only made one thing perfect and that’s my boxing record."


Throwing things back to 2011, who in the boxing world has forgotten about Mayweather's controversial fight with Victor Ortiz? This will easily go down as one of Mayweather's strangest victories in his career.

That night, Ortiz hit Floyd with a cheap headbutt. After the bout was temporarily stopped, the two met in the middle of the ring, with Ortiz apologizing. Floyd acknowledged his apology, then proceeded to hit him with a left, followed by a powerful right which sent Ortiz tumbling to the floor.

Moments later, the fight was over and Floyd won by a TKO. While many called Mayweather out for 'cheating' his way to victory, he saw things a bit differently. 

"(expletive) happens in the sport of boxing," Mayweather said of his 'dirty' shots on Ortiz. "You wanted to see a KO and that's what I gave you."


Hand down, man down. And Ortiz learned this the hard way. He had it coming too after he delivered that stupid headbutt to the champ. No one does that and gets away with it. Get real, Victor. Ortiz would go one to finish his career with a 41-6 record. Despite his tremendous talent, he was made even more famous by Floyd, who proceeded to knock him the hell out. 

Mayweather wasn't done there bodying Ortiz, though. Soon after their fight, Ortiz went on to do some interviews and claimed Floyd won the right in an 'unsportsmanlike manner.' As you probably already guessed, Mayweather was furious about this

To add fuel to the fire, Oscar De La Hoya came out in support of Ortiz and took several shots at Floyd as well for how he won the fight. Mayweather beat both Ortiz and De La Hoya in the ring but then decided to end them with his words in reaction to what the two had to say. 

"I left the fight in the ring, but Oscar and Ortiz keep doing interviews crying like some Golden Girl (expletive)," Mayweather said in a heated fashion. "I will (expletive) both of you up."


Last but not least, we weren't going to forget about when Floyd turned down a $12.5 million contract from HBO back in 1999. It was due to be a seven-fight deal for the all-time great. At such a young age, it seemed like a great deal for him. Instead, Floyd said thanks, but no thanks in the most Mayweather way possible. 

"Why would I sign a contract like that? It's slave wages," he said in one of the most unreal Mayweather quotes about money. 

Oh yes, forgive us, Floyd. We forgot that back in 1999 that nearly $1.8 million per fight was considered a slave's wage. At the same time, Mayweather went on to prove those numbers were silly for him. Throughout his career, he's earned more than $1 billion and was paid $275 million alone for his 2017 fight with McGregor. Imagine all the money he generated in gambling too. Sportsbooks across the country loved this guy. 

You don't get the nickname 'Money Mayweather' for nothing, folks.