College Football Recruiting 10 Prospects
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College Football Recruiting 10 Prospects

Don't miss the top 10 college football recruiting prospects.

Despite COVID all but wiping out the 2020 season, the spotlight is still on the top college football prospects as recruiting season is just a few months away. We dive into the best top prospects and list the ten best based on how likely they are to succeed at college and become a bonafide future first-round NFL Draft pick.

Top 10 College Football Recruits for 2021

Narrowing down this list to just ten was infuriatingly difficult as judging these college football prospects is like judging barbers while they're still doing the job. As such, we settled with the ten we felt were the "most likely" to succeed in college and make it to the NFL. Still, here are some who just missed the cut.

  • Terrence Lewis, OLB (Tennessee)
  • Tristan Leigh, OT (Undecided)
  • Jeremiah Trotter Jr., OLB (Clemson)
  • Keeshawn Silver, DE (North Carolina)
  • Brock Vandagriff, PRO (Georgia)

With that said, these rankings are linemen-dominated with eight of the top ten being involved in the line of scrimmage on either side of the ball. Quarterbacks may get all the scrutiny, but linemen are now at a premium and both college and NFL teams always need promising linemen.

10. Emeka Egbuka, WR (Undecided)


Egbuka is the consensus top wide receiver and often draws comparisons to the Steelers' JuJu Smith-Schuster. He is a two-sport athlete playing both football and baseball and has amazing dexterity to go along with solid size and strength.

Though undecided, Egbuka is expected to sign with Ohio State where he will help form one of the most formidable offences with fellow top college football recruits TreVeyon Henderson (RB) and Donovan Jackson (OG).

9. Leonard Taylor, DT (Miami)

One of the fastest rising recruits, Taylor is quickly shaping up to be one of the best in the crowded position. He has the smarts and skills to be an elite tackle even in the NFL. The only thing holding him back would be his fitness, which should change once he's in an elite college program.

The Miami-bred tackle has committed to "The U" and will be part of the new wave of promising players who will reshape the program into becoming another powerhouse.

8. Sam Huard, PRO (Washington)


Huard may only be eight on this list, but he could go first overall in a future NFL draft. The top quarterback prospect this year, Huard compares to the Rams' Jared Goff and is notable for his quick release and high football IQ. 

The son of a former NFL starter, Huard has all the makings of a future star NFL quarterback and will continue to wow scouts during college football prospect camps.

7. Amarius Mims, OT (Georgia)

The goliath that is Mims lists at 6'7" 315 lbs. with a massive wingspan. Committing to Georgia, he figures to wreak havoc on enemy defences with his reach and flexibility. 

Mims is still raw and needs some polish, but nothing a great program like Georgia can't improve. He projects to be a future first-round NFL pick easily.

6. J.C. Latham, OT (Alabama)


Arguably the best OT prospect, Latham will help 'Bama reclaim its dynasty by solidifying their offensive line. Latham has all the tools to be a top linesman with his large frame and long arms. He has also shown up against the country's best top pass rushers.

As a two-sport athlete, Latham still has plenty of room to grow as he acclimatizes to being a full-time offensive linesman. If he pans out, he could even be a top-five NFL draft pick in the future.

5. Caleb Williams, QB/DT (Oklahoma)


Huard may be the top QB prospect, but Caleb Williams is a better overall prospect. The 6'1" 210 lb. recruit committed to the Sooners on the Fourth of July and will join other top college football prospects like Camar Wheaton (RB) and Billy Bowman (WR).

Williams reminds many of a young Russell Wilson due to his small but tough build. He is a brilliant playmaker with a powerful arm and the things he lacks: accuracy and pocket presence, can be developed at the next level.

4. Tommy Brockermeyer, OT (Alabama)

Brockermeyer is all over the prospect boards right now thanks to missing his junior season with a labrum injury. But as it is, the 6'6" 283-lb. Texan has a case at being the best offensive lineman for the 2021 class being both massive and athletic with enough technical ability to dominate. 

Joining Alabama, Brockermeyer will have plenty of tutelage from a program that sends offensive lineman to the NFL draft as often as Roger Goodell gets booed. 

3. J.T. Tuimoloau, DE (Undecided)


Tuimoloau is the definition of an athletic freak as the two-sport star also kills it on the hardwood. Drawing comparisons to Cameron Heyward of the Steelers, Tuimoloau can line up as a strongside pass rusher, a safety or even as a tight end on offence.

The Washingtonian is likely to commit to Ohio State further bolstering what could be a legendary recruiting class for the Buckeyes. He'll easily be a top NFL draft pick in the near future.

2. Jack Sawyer, DE (Ohio State)

Another multisport multi-position talent, Sawyer is consistently a top-four recruit for 2021 thanks to his versatility. He is strong, nimble, and most importantly, relentless, the most important trait for any edge rusher looking for a long-lasting impact on any level.

Sawyer will be among the young leaders for the Buckeyes, his hometown team. Keep an eye on him as he'll surely be featured in NFL Draft mock drafts and has an outside shot at being the first player taken outside quarterback.

1. Korey Foreman, DE (Undecided)


The best defensive prospect to come out of Southern California in a long time, Foreman hasn't committed to any schools but is leaning on donning USC colours. The 6'4" 265-lb. edge rusher is the complete package whose only downside is his knee injury.

Foreman may not be a guaranteed home run for the NFL Draft yet, but if he fills out and improves, he'll be the top defensive player in a future NFL Draft. 

Look for these top college football prospects to make an impact in college and be a staple in a future NFL Draft, which you can even put wagers on from any top online sportsbook. Although the offence tends to get highlighted more, defensive players have seen their stock go up overall as teams look for more answers in stopping high-powered offences. You could be looking at future NFL superstars from these boys.