Chuck-a-Luck: A Weird Casino Game
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Chuck-a-Luck: A Weird Casino Game

What is Chuck-a-Luck: a unique table game involving three dice and plenty of luck.

The world is full of some weird and wacky casino games. One weird casino game that comes to mind is Chuck-a-Luck. So, what is Chuck-a-Luck and how do you play the classic game?

What is Chuck-a-Luck

Chuck-a-Luck is almost like a combination of a ball machine and craps. Three dice are placed in a cage, with players placing bets on how the dice will land. The standard wagers on Chuck-a-Luck are:

  • Single Die Bet: What numbers will be rolled? You can bet on one die, two dice, or three dice – with the payouts increasing with the more bets placed. You can bet on a combination of any three numbers when placing this type of wager.
  • Any Triple: The biggest bet you can place is on the same number turning up three times (at 30-1). This bet – while the most profitable – has odds of happening 216-1. Since Chuck-a-Luck resets after every roll, you cannot predict accurately when triple one number will land.
  • Over or Under total: You can on whether the total of the dice rolled will be higher than 11 or lower than ten. This bet pays out one-to-one. Three is the lowest possible total in the game, while 18 is the maximum the three dice can total. There are 16 outcomes in this bet. A push, eight wins for the house, and seven wins for the player.
  • Ranges: You can bet the total of the dice will end up outside a specific range. Typically, the only bet available at casinos is if the total will be outside the range of 8 to 12.   

It is considered by many as a simpler version sic bo with lower returns but fewer rules. The game is well over 100 yards old, – and was popular with soldiers during the First World War.

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Where can you Play Chuck-a-Luck?

Chuck-a-Luck is not the easiest game to find. Many casinos do not operate the game anymore – due to the house advantage being so significant. Foxwoods casino in Connecticut and a few online casinos operate the game.

But mostly, people will find Chuck-a-Luck at charity casino nights – where people are not concerned about winning and the house margin. Most players in the 21st prefer online craps to the more obscure and high-risk games like Chuck-a-Luck.  

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While you may not find Chuck-a-Luck at many online casinos, there is no need to despair. The best online casinos in Canada have a range of great and exciting games – with many of the most fun options unique takes on classic games.

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  • Weird Casinos Games that No Longer Exist

    Some casino games are now extinct. Some of these games involved live animals such as betting on what a chicken or rat would do (what number would a chicken peck or what number a rodent will go to one a wheel).

    It makes sense these games are the product of a bygone era. How many people want to go to casinos with rats and chickens in them or even feel it is morally right to use animals for gambling purposes. 

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