Bookies flip a coin: Will Game of Thrones win 12 or more Emmys?

Bookies flip a coin: Will Game of Thrones win 12 or more Emmys?

It’s safe to say that Season 8 of Game of Thrones did not go down with the show’s fans the same way as the previous seven seasons had done.

GoT episodes received considerably lower scores in Rotten Tomatoes than previously

Fan reactions were less than complimentary

There’s even a petition to remake the whole thing. Over 1.5 million people have signed it!

Some fans, many fans in fact, still loved it though

Now the bookies are split in the middle too - they give identical odds for GoT to win a record breaking 12 or more Emmys in the 71st Creative Arts Emmy Awards Ceremony on September 15th.

    Will Game of Thrones win 12 or more Emmys in 2019?

    Game of Thrones already broke the record for most nominations received in a single year: 32.

    GoT had the power to synchronize people, to create watercooler arguments over plotpoints

    The writing wasn't that strong during the final season, but the hype was still enormous.

    Reminiscent of Sopranos and other pre-streaming era shows, GoT had the power to synchronize people, to create watercooler arguments over plotpoints and to divide people into teams based on which character they hated and who they loved.

    Quality is not often a good measure in the Awards galas - so the poor writing doesn't necessarily have to play any role when it comes to winning Emmys.

    GoT is an institution, the juggernaut of the entertainment world of the twenty teens, and Emmys would probably benefit from awarding a record breaking number of trophies for the cast and the crew. 

    We also expect that these Emmys will be given for the whole span of the 8 seasons, and for everything GoT has achieved so far. Our Pick for the Emmys is Over 12 trophies for Game of Thrones. Which ones do we think? Take a look of the individual categories and their odds here.

    Game of Thrones To win 12 or more Emmys

    The show with second most nominations this year was Marvelous Mrs Maisel, which received 20 nominations, beating the limited series Chernobyl by one nomination and SNL, the all time Emmy Awards record holder (54 wins, 242 nominations), by two nominations.

    HBO collected 137 nominations, Netflix 117 nominations and NBC 52 nominations.