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Bet on UFC

Bet on UFC

Saturday night pay-per-views, the octagon shaped ring, submissions and knockouts, MMA gloves and Joe Rogan. This is the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Now with mainstream success and appeal, Canadians have many different betting options to choose from. We are here to help you make the best bets from the best sites out there.

Top Online UFC Betting Sites in Canada

For the octagon enthusiast or someone new to the world of UFC, there are plenty of great options out there for everyone. We have compiled a list of the best sites out there for your UFC betting needs. Check them out, pick the right fighters, rounds and method of victory and start winning today. 


    The UFC is the pinnacle of the MMA world and its success has lead to MMA becoming a mainstream sport. Founded by Art Davis and Rorion Gracie in 1993, the early days of the UFC where oft considered more spectacle than sports and were extremely violent and controversial. Having successfully evolved from its highly controversial early days, through the adaption of better rules and increased sponsorship, the UFC is now watched by millions worldwide. With Dana White at the helm the UFC has expanded its presence to more than just pay-per-view events, now with regularly scheduled events on cable broadcasting and even a reality competition show, where fighters compete for a shot to be a professional UFC fighter.

    How to Bet on UFC

    A match features two fighters, often of different styles, facing off for three rounds for a standard bout and five rounds for a championship bout. Of course there is MUCH more to consider when betting on a UFC fight. Many important details should be considered when betting on the UFC such as...  

    Fighter Style: MMA features many different styles and disciplines of fighting techniques, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Typically speaking a background in wrestling is instrumental for success in the UFC world, giving the best fighters the ability to control a match and an opponent. Styles such as Brazilian jiu-jitsu and other styles based on the strategy of takedowns and submissions, can help fighters win matches quicker and win matches against opponents with greater height, weight and reach. Striking based styles such as kickboxing and taekwondo can provide greater success in longer matches or for larger fighters. If a fighter can land a large number of strikes and avoid being taken down to the ground, they have a large chance of winning the match by decision. Striking based styles are typically not as dominate as the others, except in the highest of weight classes.      

    Weight Classes: When betting on a matchup, understanding the weight classes are an important factor to consider before placing your bets. Typically speaking the higher the weight class, the higher the odds the match will add earlier, due to the higher probability of a knockout or technical knockout and lower fighter stamina. As the weight classes decrease, fighters typically have the ability to fight longer but lack the power to win matches through knockout.

    Fighter History: Watch for fighters going up or dropping down weight classes, fighters adopting new styles/techniques and injury history. Fighters changing weight classes may have to face an adjustment period and have some difficulty in their first match. Fighters adopting new styles/techniques may have an advantage over their opponent in match preparation and if the fighter is well-disciplined enough, than they will have greater execution during the actual match. Injuries, type and length, are important to review before betting. While most fighters will take the necessary time to recover, be weary of fighters returning from injury suspiciously fast.   

    Betting Options

    When betting on UFC, there are more options available then just picking who will win. These options include.

    Total Rounds: Bet through an over/under method, an individual can pick whether a match will end quickly or go nearly the full length. When picking total rounds it is good to understand what style the fighters are. Typically submission specialists and pinpoint strikers have the ability to end a match premature with a first-round submission or knockout. An over/under of 1.5 means a match will end before or after the minute thirty mark (1:30) of round two. For championship matches, an over/under of 2.5 means a match will end before or after the minute thirty mark (1:30) of round three.   

    Method of Victory: Determining how a certain fighter will win a match is popular method on betting. The methods are typically grouped into three separate categories. The categories are -- Win by Knockout, Technical Knockout or Disqualification -- Win by Points or Technical Decision -- Win by Submission. When selecting a method of victory, knowing a fighters style is imperative. A fighter who specializes in taekwondo and kickboxing will likely not win a match through submission.

    Round of Victory: Simple as it sounds, pick when you expect a fighter to win the match, or pick that the match will go to decision.

    Tie: Selecting tie is always an option when betting on UFC, however the odds of a tie actually occuring is VERY low. Avoid picking a tie unless you are very certain the match will end through the better fighter (leader in points) being accidently disqualified or the fighters are perfectly even and the match will be a no-decision after the final round.   

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